Windward Ho! Hands to Hearties (Book Seven)

Windward Ho! Hands to Hearties (Book Seven)

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It’s December and the pirate girls of the Windward ship are missing Fiona, their eighth crew member — but they are determined to find her. Through a series of uncanny events, the girls make their way back into the world of the Windward, only to discover that they must travel through a series of mysterious clues in order to achieve their goal. Journey with these adventurers around the world and through winter holidays as they embark on their quest to unite their pirate family before the winter solstice. 

Ages 7+


About the Stories

"Episode One: Family"

Martha finds herself wracked with frustration. How could they have abandoned their search for Fiona just to return to their homes? Through wise family members, Martha discovers that she has all the tools she needs to take the next step in leading her friends to the eighth member of their crew.

"Episode Two: Rice Pilau"

The clever monkey Pi reveals himself in Martha’s room, having been summoned there through her magical abilities. As the two of them discuss their situation, Pi uncovers the astrolabe he had taken from Finnegan’s ship. This key unlocks their travel plans and they begin to gather their crew together again.

"Episode Three: Scottish Trifle" 

In a strange kitchen, the girls assess their surroundings and task Martha with some culinary support work while they gather information. When the cook reveals that he serves under Admiral Mackenzie, Wink gathers her courage as she prepares to meet her great-great-great-grandfather.

"Episode Four: Viking Glogg"

The adventures continue as the Windward girls discover themselves in a cold, gray country — and with the sweet, spicy smell of a familiar warm beverage nearby. Drawn by the scent, the girls encounter a friendly but imposing Viking man who is impressed that Bonny and Polly know the secret ingredient to his family glogg recipe. Could this great warrior be related to them?

"Episode Five: Kerststol Bread"

Secreted in the cargo hold of an unknown ship, the pirate girls and their monkey friend must use their wits to discern their next step. Through their investigations, they make the acquaintance of another set of pirates — young boys bent on stealing the very baking supplies the girls are sitting on. One of them bears an uncanny resemblance to Harriet, much to her interest. Might they be connected somehow?

"Episode Six: Santa Lucia"

Yet another adventure begins as the girls find themselves stumbling through a vibrant parade in Italy. Val puts her Italian language skills to use and learns that a woman who shares her name — Valentina Solida — resides in a small castle outside the village. “Let’s meet the other Valentina and see what we learn,” says Val — a suggestion that launches the pirate friends onto the next leg of their remarkable journey.

"Episode Seven: Chin Chin"

Sequestered in a small hut along the Caribbean shoreline, the girls befriend a wise and wildly-dressed magician and his small companion. Through his strange tales, many elements of their journey begin to make sense in a new way. Their growing skills of patience and careful listening bear fruit as they await the revelation they have been seeking.

"Episode Eight: Plum Pudding"

Together at last, the eight Windward girls continue the quest for their beloved sailing vessel and find courage as they suddenly sense the motion of a large ship beneath their feet. But wait, it can’t be the Windward! Fiona’s keen senses recognize the sound of an Irish fiddle, the scent of a familiar holiday treat, and the face of someone she did not expect to see.

"Episode Nine: Pani Popo"

Fresh from a solstice celebration, the team must relinquish a member as they pursue the recovery of the Windward on the beautiful island of Samoa. But Martha’s joy at the familiar setting turns to ashes when they realize that they have fallen into the hands of the dreaded Captain Finnegan. How can the girls escape now?

"Episode Ten: Reunion"

The crew’s rescue comes in the form of a familiar and colorful parrot who quickly transforms into a cherished friend. History and adventure weave together into revelation as the purpose behind the girls’ journey comes to light — and the whole assembly discovers some important things about the true nature of family and friendship.