The Willowbee Tree Introduction

The Willowbee Tree Introduction

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In the backyard of an ordinary house on an ordinary street in an ordinary town, there was once a most extraordinary tree. It was an enormous Willow Tree. In the middle of its trunk there was a hole. And if you found yourself near that willow tree with a certain wonder stirring in your heart, you might notice a colorful sparkle coming from that hole. And what was that sparkle? An invitation to go somewhere long ago and far far away.

These two stories are a lovely introduction to the Willowbee Tree Series!

Ages 3+

About the Stories

Part 1: "Running As One"

Nine-year-old Piper loves to win. But in her school’s recent field day races, she didn’t come in first. And she is frustrated. How can she become the very best? The Willow Tree has an answer for her — and it lies in a faraway land of cool pines where a great King Bear is racing to save his crown.

Part 2: "Throwing Stones"

It’s hot, and three-year-old Ty is crabby. So crabby, he just wants to throw things. And his six-year-old brother, Clancy, may just start throwing things back. Just in the nick of time, the Willow Tree invites them to a distant land, long-ago, where two ruling brothers are having a throwing match of their own.