Martin & Sylvia: The Welcoming Feast

Martin & Sylvia: The Welcoming Feast

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A story in three parts centered around the first meeting between Martin and Sylvia's family and the family of Daddy's new colleague, Rami Hadid.

When the Hadids all visit on a Saturday for a shared meal, brother and sister learn a little about a day in the life of a Muslim family.

Age 4+


About the Stories

"Part One: The Story of Rami Hadid"

When Martin learns that the Hadid family will be coming over on Saturday, he is initially resistant. Martin is generally hesitant about meeting new people and would rather spend the day with people he knows. But when he learns that they are Muslim and that Rami has lots of stories about growing up in Syria, he is very curious.

"Part Two: Welcoming the Hadids"

Martin continues to wonder what he will have in common with Lana and Sabeen, the daughters of Rami Hadid. But when they arrive, he is immediately delighted to see that Lana shares his interest in inventions. He also finds that they have something else in common: they are proud of who they are.

"Part Three: Blessings"

Before their dinner, the two families each share a blessing and then share stories about the family traditions they enjoy. After Martin and Sylvia's family is invited to attend the naming ceremony of Basim Hadid, their newborn third child — Rami tells a folktale about an old man and woman who changed the world by opening their doors to all strangers.