Stories of Separation & Divorce

Stories of Separation & Divorce

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In this series, we gently walk our listeners through various pieces that come alongside the experience of separation and divorce. Whether sorting through firsthand experience or supporting others in your community, these stories offer a thoughtful perspective on issues of trust, relationships, love, and alternative ways to shape family life.

Age Range (Varies by Story): 4+, 6+


About the Stories

"Kid-Thing Backpack" from Libby & Dish (4+)

As Libby thinks about her Aunt Cecily’s upcoming wedding, she generates a whole host of big questions. What exactly happens at a wedding? Do the two people suddenly become one person? And most importantly, will Libby still get to have special hikes with her soon-to-be Uncle Theo? As Libby explores these questions with Dish and her family, she learns with relief that she can free herself from worrying about grown-up questions too much.

This story is helpful for children who take on the worries and concerns of adults in their lives.

"Circle of Trust" from Martin and Sylvia (4+)

Martin finds himself in a complex situation — he needs advice from a trusted adult, but he’d rather ask someone outside of his immediate family. As he confides in his parents about his dilemma, he learns about their family’s Circle of Trust and discovers that the people he needed to talk with were there all along.

This story is great for helping children to expand their community of support.

"The Shield" from By Thistle By Thimble (6+)

Young Stephen loves his parents, but he hates it when they fight — especially when they fight about him. Although he can ignore it most of the time, one night the fighting escalates and Stephen feels it is too much for him … and creates a special tool to help his parents see what he needs the most.

This story will give children the skill to create healthy boundaries — even with their own parents.

"The Elven Ever-Bond" from So Many Fairies (4+)

Rye and Poppy love their family’s home — the meadow they inhabit with their elf community. But one day, they learn that their home may be changing … and that their family may be changing too. What will their futures hold? Through the wisdom of their grandmother, they begin to understand the deep bond that links them together no matter the circumstances. This story helps children settle and feel secure when a parent or other family member leaves the household.

"So Many Ways to Family" from The Willowbee Tree (4+)

The Willowbee children are excited to see their cousins — and more than a little curious about their life after their dad has remarried. Where do they live? What is it like to have two families? Clancy discovers some special help with these ideas when their willow tree takes him on a journey to meet some penguins who know a thing or two about family systems. This story helps children learn that there are many other family models in the world.