Stories of Gratitude

Stories of Gratitude

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"Gratitude" is an audio book collection of three stories: "Brigit and the Cleaning Magic", "Strong, Warm and Grateful", and "The Chimney Sweep's Lucky Star", centered on the theme of gratitude. Each explores the practice and experience of gratitude from a different angle. This Collection includes three stories from three different Series.

Ages 4+

About the Stories

Brigit and the Cleaning Magic - from So Many Fairies

Somehow one cleaning woman named Brigit MacMichael is able to keep a series of very fine residences perfectly clean, tending each only once a month. How is this possible? Asher, a boy who lives in one of these homes, wishes to know, and learns first-hand, about her secret: gratitude.

Strong, Warm and Grateful - from The Willowbee Tree

7-year-old Clancy is having a difficult day in which nothing seems to go his way. The Willow Tree takes him to the forests of Siberia where he meets a group of Yakutian Cows who live in very harsh, cold conditions. But do they complain? No, they keep strong and warm by feeling gratitude for what they have.

The Chimney Sweep's Lucky Star - from By Thistle By Thimble

Percival Potts is a master chimney sweep from long ago. Percival has a fine life, but he often feels on the outside. When he learns that the reason one of his clients has not paid him on time was due to her work at the local hospital, Percival receives a gift — a gift that changes his perspective on his work, on his community, and on his life's true purpose. And that gift is gratitude.