Stories for Moving to a New Home

Stories for Moving to a New Home

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Three stories about the grief, loss, upset, overwhelm, and ultimate excitement that comes with moving to a new home.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

“Willie and Wanda Woodchuck’s New Home” from Sparkle Sleepytime

Willie's family must move, as development encroaches on their burrow home. Willie wrestles with sadness and anger, finding relief when his father takes time to listen with empathy. His father encourages him to envision all the wonderful possibilities for their new home. As Willie takes his father’s advice, he begins to cultivate excitement for the upcoming change.

This story deals with sibling conflict, unraveling complex feelings, expressing grief, and envisioning the future.

“The Abbey” from By Thistle By Thimble

A monk senses a call to leave his comfortable home community to serve the greater world. He must say a heartfelt good-bye to the places, things, and people he loves dearly. This story deals with the pain of choice, the process of packing, and the experience of saying good-bye in a meaningful way.

“Jamie and the Sillstone Gnome” from So Many Fairies

A girl and a house gnome forge a close friendship in their years together. And when the girl’s family must move away, they are both tremendously sad. But the two develop a way to retain their connection even as distance separates them.

Note: This story deals with the grief of losing a friend, the pain of leaving a well-loved home, and the strength that can be found through friendship during challenging times.