Sparkle Sleepytime: Spring Season

Sparkle Sleepytime: Spring Season

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Whether it is during the long, active days of summer or the shorter, busy days of winter, sometimes our little ones need some help to slow down. The stories in Sparkle Sleepytime are simple, soft and slow, all told with the aim of welcoming young and old into a time of rest or sleep.

Each features a delightful young animal on a gentle adventure, and each ends with the animals snuggling into their burrows, nests or downy beds, ready to close their eyes and fall asleep.

This Series is perfect for nap-times, quiet times and bedtimes – or any time you want a particularly quiet and soothing story for your little ones!


This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring.

 Lorillai the Lambkin

Lorillai loves jokes. She loves tricks and she loves pretending. The problem is that most of the other sheep do not enjoy her tricks and jokes and start to think that she never tells the truth. This becomes particularly difficult when Lorillai slips down a small ravine and needs help getting back up – but the other sheep think she is still joking.

Halldora the Humpback Whale

Halldora the whale calf has heard many stories about people and their boats – and she would like to see one for herself. When the opportunity finally arrives, she is excited and a little nervous. She and her mother jump at the perfect time to see a boat filled with happy people, and there is one person in particular that catches Halldora's attention: a little girl with a special sparkle in her eye.

Dustin the Sand Crab

Dustin loves games but doesn't like the rules. He doesn't like how the games the other crabs play always have to be the same and so he chooses not to play at all. When his Uncle advises him to try enrolling and exciting the other crabs to play his games – rather than persistently complaining, Dustin transforms the play for all the other crabs.

Rye the Meerkat

Rye loves his bedtime routine. He and his parents do the same thing every night and even have a song to help them remember every step. When the night comes when both his parents are on patrol, Rye must teach his aunt how it all works – and he is surprised by what happens.

Alex and Toph the Hummingbird Twins

Alex and Toph, like all hummingbirds, love all things quick. They learn quickly, they eat quickly, they fly quickly – but when it comes to leaving the nest and sleeping in their own nest, they are not so quick. In fact they don't want to go. But then their parents suggest they start to build their nests just for fun – and this changes everything.

Gobi the Camel Calf

Gobi loves her mother.  She watches everything she does and tried so copy it perfectly. There is one way, however, that Gobi believes she is different from her mother: Gobi loves jokes. She loves to think about them and wonders what would happen if she actually played a joke on her mother. But before she actually tries, she is surprised to see that she has more in common with her mother than she thought.

Nova the Emu Chick

Nova loves being a bird. She loves her wings, and as she watches the eagle soar overhead and the hummingbird buzz from flower to flower, she wonders what it will feel like to fly. When her mother tells her that emus do not fly, she is initially heartbroken. But then her mother shows her what emus can do.

Johnny Shark

Johnny Shark loves to explore. His aunts and uncles often take him on adventures to see beautiful coral or deep caves or gardens of seaweed. One day Johnny's uncle takes him to see a shipwreck and Johnny gets to do some exploring all on his own.

Terrance the Fox

Terrance loves smells. His sensitive nose delights in the smell of moss, of newly cut hay, of nearby chimney smoke and willow roots. After a long night of sniffing every corner of the hay field, Terrance is ready for a deep and sweet-smelling sleep.

Piper the Frog

Piper, the young bullfroglet, is afraid to go on land. When she was very little, she had a small scare and the fear has stayed with her. When a big bullfrog comes to her for help, she learns that he is afraid of diving – and she is very good at diving! She helps him – and in doing so, decides to be just as brave as he is.

Flemming the Otter

Flemming wants to be chief of the sea otters one day, just like his Uncle Colum. Unfortunately, he thinks that being a chief means being strong, confident and really bossy. But being strong, confident and really bossy all the time is stressful!  And it makes a little otter really tired. When he learns from his uncle that the most important quality in a leader is telling the truth, Flemming relaxes, and finds life is so much easier when you're just being yourself!

Farrah the White-Tailed Deer

Farrah loves her days. She loves the tall grass where she sleeps, the long walks with her mother, and playing with friends. Her mother says that being a deer means being "open to change," but Farrah doesn't want anything to change. And then, quite suddenly, her bed in the hay field is no more – and Farrah learns the challenge and benefit of change.

The Caterpillar and the Flower

This is a springtime story inspired by the Easter Festival about a fat little caterpillar who dreams of a bright red flower far away. Although others feel his dreams are only fancy, the little caterpillar undergoes a transformation and sees that his dream is not only possible, but there is even so much more.