Sparkle Sleepytime Sample Pack

Sparkle Sleepytime Sample Pack

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These three sample stories are like those you’ll find in the Sparkle Sleepytime Series!

Ages 3+

About the Stories

"Aiden the Harbor Seal"

Aiden the Harbor Seal is curious about people. He has never seen a person, but he has heard stories about how they swim, how they climb, and how they ride in boats. When his mother takes him to see the remains of a very big and very old boat, he is amazed by what he learns about the world of people. And, at day's end, as he curls up with his mother, he is grateful for the enormous adventure.

"Lavinda the Cheetah"

Lavinda the Cheetah loves the savanna. She loves the acacia tree that marks her home, and she loves her friends and families. What she does not like, however, is running. When her mother, a very fast runner, takes her out of school for some special time together, the two of them spend the day walking and chatting and then - running. At the end of the day, Lavinda snuggles down to sleep, feeling so much better about just being herself.

"JT the Bat"

JT can't wait to fly. He can't wait to catch bugs with the grown bats. But most of all, he can't wait to hear the applause of the spectators as the bats make their nightly exit from under the bridge in town. His parents tell him that he will know when it is time to join them, but it takes a a happy accident for him to learn that it is true. After a long night of new adventures, JT returns to his familiar home for a long, well-earned sleep.