Sparkle Car #12: Trains, Trains, and Trains

Sparkle Car #12: Trains, Trains, and Trains

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You've got a family car trip ahead, and it may be a long one. What to do with the little ones? Sparkle Car! This monthly series features hour-long collections of original stories mixed with traveling verses, songs, and fun car games. We know excellent audio stories can make family travel times fun — and so much easier!

Ages 4+

About the Stories

This episode of Sparkle Car features:

An original story from our Martin & Sylvia series called "A Ride on a Train"

When Sylvia learns about how people used to travel by train, she excitedly hopes she can ride one as well. Daddy finds out that there is a station nearby where they can hop on a train and ride it almost all day long. Brother and sister jump at the chance - thinking about sleeping cars, dining cars, circus cars and firemen shoveling coal. They are surprised, however, at their favorite part of riding a train.

Also included is a short story from the "Blue Umbrella" collection called "Charlie Rides in the Engine of a Real Train"

A little boy from a time-gone-by gets to watch a real fireman feed the fire of a real steam engine. This tale is filled with beautiful images of what life was like on a steam train.

"Johnny Appleseed", an imaginative description of the life of John Chapman better known as 'Johnny Appleseed' (as mentioned in the Martin & Sylvia story "A Ride on a Train"!).

And "The Travels of a Fox", an old English folk tale about a fox who travels from house to house gaining value in his traveling bag until he pushes it too far and meets up with the wrong animal.