Sparkle Car #10: The Magic Path

Sparkle Car #10: The Magic Path

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You've got a family car trip ahead, and it may be a long one. What to do with the little ones? Sparkle Car! This monthly series features hour-long collections of original stories mixed with traveling verses, songs, and fun car games. We know excellent audio stories can make family travel times fun — and so much easier!

Ages 4+

About the Stories

This episode includes:

"The Path to Storyland" featuring Martin & Sylvia

A magical park called Storyland has opened near brother and sister's grandparents' house. Storyland has winding wooden boardwalks, beautiful old trees, a castle with three towers, treehouses and most importantly real storytellers throughout. Martin and Sylvia spend the morning following an unfolding story that leads them not only to the lost daughter of Lady Barnswallow, but also imparts the important message that magic is everywhere you go so long as you use the most precious gift in the world: your imagination.

Also included are poetry from Malisa Garlieb and James Stephens.