So Many Fairies: Spring Season

So Many Fairies: Spring Season

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There are so many magical beings in the world: stone beings, air fairies, wood elves, fire sprites. Most of us cannot see or hear them, but sometimes — especially when we are very young — we can. Each week in So Many Fairies, children will enter the magic of the natural world, encounter fairy folk, and meet questions of ecology and sustainability with their imaginations.

Age 4+


This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring.

The House Hob of Apartment #3C

Bing, the house fairy of apartment #3C, is lonely. He wants more voices, more conversation, more relationship. But the man who lives there is perfectly happy with things as they are. That is, except for the noisy pigeon that has roosted on the air conditioner in his bedroom window. Bing sees an opportunity and begins to encourage a relationship that will change the man and the pigeon’s lives forever.

The Purple Crocus Fairy

Spilky, the purple crocus fairy, is in a hurry. He wants his crocus bulb to bloom before all the others. But in his haste, he makes a big mistake a mistake that teaches him a lesson about patience and the value of slowing down.

Old Many Hickory

Old Man Hickory Elf likes things orderly and efficient. This worked well when his Hickory tree was part of a working farm. But that was long ago, and the farm is now gone and has been replaced by forest. The forest fairies and creatures struggle to follow his rules and demands, as he is quite the task-master. But one day, the playful antics of two young chipmunks turn things quite upside down.

The Spring Brook

Charles has moved, yet again, to a new house. He left a house he loved and friends he adored. Charles is sad. What will he do in this new place in the woods? But as he explores his new yard, he notices a spring brook, and he has an idea. He wishes to build a dam. The spring brook fairy, however, has other plans, and in their struggle, they create an unexpected friendship.

Fire Fairies

Nicholas and Miriam love their grandmother Nani’s warm and cozy home. But one spring day, a fire breaks out, and Nani’s home is mostly lost to smoke and flame. Their grandmother is okay with the loss, but Miriam is not okay. In fact, she becomes afraid that the fire may happen again. It takes the work of several fairies to help Miriam learn to appreciate fire again.

The Old Lilac Tree

A lilac tree has been the center of a lush garden for a very long time. The lilac tree elf who tends the tree is very proud; she prefers a particular order and form to all things within the garden walls. And she makes sure every other elf and fairy in the garden knows exactly how she likes it. When the garden comes under the care of a dreamy young man, the lilac tree elf must find ways to teach him her garden rules. Will her fairy ways convince him to listen?

The Magic in Ward Four

Little Suzie must spend a few weeks in the hospital. What’s worse, because of her illness, she must stay in a room by herself. But she hears from one of the nurses that magical things can happen in this particular children’s ward — and, if she pays attention, she might discover them, too. Suzie does pay attention, and, one night, the magic comes to her quiet room.

The Donkey and the Fairy Gift

In a sweet smelling cedar barn, nestled between two rolling green mountains, a donkey is born. This donkey is not like other donkeys — he has something special to give the people in the nearby town — something magical.

Whisp Tells a Story

Paul’s father has some difficult news: his mother has to spend a while in the hospital. But as Paul’s father tries to tell the children what to expect, Paul keeps looking around the room, smiling. The fact is, Paul is looking at Whisp, the house fairy, who has a little fairy magic and a little important wisdom for Paul, and the whole family.

Moose Makes a Wish

Monty the Moose doesn’t want to be big. Being big means he has to be rough and tough with the other young bulls, and Monty doesn’t like being rough and tough. So he makes a wish, not knowing that a magical Brownie is listening — and intending to grant his desires

The Riding Cow

Fairies love farms. They love gardens, they love farmhouses, they love farm work, they love farm play and they love farm animals. And they especially love cows. This is a story about a unique fairy who loved a unique cow — and with a little fairy magic brought a little cow fun (and wreaked a little cow havoc) on a dairy farm.

The Peony Pixie

The Iris Nymphs are fed up with the Peony Pixie. It seems like he hardly works, and when it is time for the peony to bloom, he depends on an army of ants to help out. And yet, they see the peonies get so much attention every year. So they plan a trick on the peony pixie — a trick that has larger consequences than they intended.

The Strawberry Farm

Billy Wilkins is bored: bored with his house just outside of the city, bored with his little room and bored with his big sister. His parents think that a summer with his grandparents at the family strawberry farm is just the ticket. But no one prepares Billy for the magic and wonder that he will encounter!