So Many Fairies: Autumn Season

So Many Fairies: Autumn Season

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There are so many magical beings in the world: stone beings, air fairies, wood elves, fire sprites. Most of us cannot see or hear them, but sometimes — especially when we are very young — we can. Each week in So Many Fairies, children will enter the magic of the natural world, encounter fairy folk, and meet questions of ecology and sustainability with their imaginations.

Age 4+


This is a collection of 13 autumn stories, for the 13 weeks of autumn.

The Girl of the Hazel Tree

Rosa could have anything she wanted: nice dresses, precious toys, and well-bred pets. But all she really wants is to spend time with the hazel tree elf named Corrilus — and he with her. When she gets old enough to attend the local dances, her father tells her to turn her back on the fairy world and meet young men and women her age. Reluctantly she goes — but is amazed to find a handsome young stranger there who looks very familiar. Could it be her adored tree elf in a man’s form?

Avis the Watchful Yellow Jacket

Yellow jackets love people. They build their houses as close to people as they can. The older yellow jackets have learned from their fairy friends not to get too close to people, but Avis, a young wasp, can’t understand why. When a kind air fairy takes him on a journey of discovery, Avis learns how to get close to people without getting too close.

The Tree That Surprised the Wind

A maple tree elf has had enough. He is tired of the wind coming every year and knocking down his beautiful golden leaves. So he devises a plan: this year his tree will surprise the wind and shake of its own accord. He smiles to think of teaching the wind a lesson, but in the end it is he who learns the lesson that one must not meddle with the nature of the wind.

The Fairy Book

A librarian gives a young lover of books an adventure story. She takes it home and hops on her bed to read about a brave knight appointed to find the seven missing jewels of the seven fairy kingdoms. That night she dreams that she alone can find the jewels using the most powerful tool she has — a book. But when she wakes and reads the ending of the story, she wonders if it was a dream at all.

The Hearth Stone House Hob

Haard, the house fairy of a very old cottage, has a problem. For centuries he and the people who lived in the cottage worked together to tend the house and the gardens that surround it. But now a woman is moving into the old cottage who cannot see, hear or even feel his presence. How can he communicate with her? He must figure this out soon, for the woman and her husband have big plans for the cottage — plans that will certainly disrupt the fairy world that lives there.

Quincy and the Golden Gourd

Kalebas, the golden gourd fairy, has been looking for just the right place to plant a magical autumn gourd seed. He waits and waits until he sees a boy named Quincy who appreciates small, unnoticed things. Quincy has learned many skills, as the youngest of seven children. But he is about to learn some deeply important skills from a new friend - Kalebas!

The Fairyman and the Grumpy Granite Gnome

Eibhir is grumpy. She is a granite gnome who has lost her beautiful granite boulder. It was taken away years ago when a new house was being built, and she has been living in the basement of the house, feeling grumpy, every since. Her grumpiness pervades the house and has affected those that have lived there — for generations. That is, until a new family moves in changes everything. They have the ability sense the source of the grumpiness, and so, bring in a sensitive “fairy man,” to help them all learn to live together in peace.

The Lantern Prince

The Prince is not like his parents. In fact, he is not like any royal. In addition to being strong, obedient, and confident — common royal traits — he is also very kind and loving. But what makes the Prince unusual is that he is kind and loving to everyone, royal and servant alike. The King and Queen hope that he will grow out of it, but alas — as he grows he only gets more loving and kind. One day he spies a poor beggar woman in the streets, and his life is never the same again.

The Sword in the Stump

Madeleine loves King Arthur. And she loves to lead her neighborhood friends in a game of Knights of the Round Table, with pretend quests and battles throughout the adjoining back yards. But her favorite part of the game is when she goes to “ask advice of Merlin”, and she stands still and silent next to a tree or behind a garden shed. She enjoys the peaceful feeling that always comes with the moment of silence. One day she is surprised to actually hear an answer! Could it be Merlin?

A New School of Fish

Finnie is a blue striped grunt fish who wants to be noticed. He tries moving against the flow and eating different food but he doesn’t get what he wants: the attention of his school. One day, when he tests the limits and yells “Shark!” for fun, he gets what he wants, but it has very challenging consequences. How can Finnie learn to use his gifts - for good?

The Bodger’s Apprentice

A long time ago, when a boy turned 10, it was time to choose an apprenticeship in a specific trade. But when James turns 10, he is at a loss. He does not like his father’s trade — smithing — nor does he like most trades. In fact, the boy does not like to work at all. His father eventually suggests he approach the Bodger for work. The Bodger? What is a Bodger? The boy follows a path into the woods to find out that the Bodger has much to teach him about work, about attention and about life.

The Rag Maiden

There is an unusual tradition in a small northern town. The morning after the longest night of the year, one household wakes to find a gift at their front door. It is always the same gift: a beautiful and unique hand-woven carpet. What makes the carpet more magical is this: it is always warm. Even when the rest of the room is cold, the carpet remains warm. Over the years, many families have received one. Some have two and some have three. But Katri’s family, for reasons no one can understand, has none. But Katri thinks she might know where the carpets come from and decides to find out.

Light in the Wilderness

Star is a house-cat with a wild side. And one day in the middle of a snowstorm, Star’s wildness gets him lost in the forest. Luckily, a dedicated fairy who loves Star engages the natural world to help him find his way back home.