So Many Fairies Sample Pack

So Many Fairies Sample Pack

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These three sample stories are like those you'll find in the So Many Fairies series.

Ages 3+

About the Stories

"Candleberry Elf"

Every year, during the long nights of December, the Candleberry elf makes candles in his fairy chandlery. Every year he waits for the old man and woman of the farmhouse to light their candles, signaling the beginning of the festival of lights. One year, however, they do not light their candles – and the Candleberry elf looks to find out why.

"Fairy Whispers"

Gibb is a sensitive wild turkey. He notices things that other turkeys don't – things that would be helpful to the flock – but Gibb is afraid of the attention it might bring. The whispers of a watchful brownie help him find the courage and confidence to lead the flock to a source of food for the winter.

"The Wish Crystal"

Brother and sister, Sophia and William, love the brook that winds through their neighborhood. Nearly all year long they play in the brook, building beaver, having leaf boat races and sorting the smooth stones. One day, the children come across an unremarkable stone that houses the magical power of granting wishes. With the help of the crystal gnome that crafted the stone, the whole family discovers the secret to making wishes come true!