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So Many Fairies

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There are so many magical beings in the world: stone beings, air fairies, wood elves, fire sprites. Most of us cannot see or hear them, but sometimes — especially when we are very young — we can. Each week in So Many Fairies, children will enter the magic of the natural world, encounter fairy folk, and meet questions of ecology and sustainability with their imaginations.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

Autumn Season includes: "The Girl of the Hazel Tree," "Avis the Watchful Yellow Jacket," "The Tree That Surprise the Wind," "The Fairy Book," "The Hearth Stone House Hob," "Quincy and the Golden Gourd," "The Fairyman and the Grumpy Granite Gnome," "The Lantern Prince," "The Sword in the Stump," "A New School of Fish," "The Bodger's Apprentice," "The Rag Maiden," and "Light in the Wilderness"

Winter Season includes: "The Brownie and the Lost Squirrel," "The Paper Birch Council," "Ilsa and the Mountain Gnome," "Benno and the Water Nymph," "Luck and the Blue Jay," "The Source of Snow," "The Magic Birthday Candles," "The Bakery Crystals," "Luck of the Maple Candy," "The Ladybugs in the Window," "Fairy Feathers," "The Gift of the Echo Fairy," and "Malkia and the Fairy Woman"

Spring Season includes: "The House Hob of Apartment #3C," "The Purple Crocus Fairy," "The Spring Brook," "Fire Fairies," "The Old Lilac Tree," "The Magic in Ward Four," "The Donkey and the Fairy Gift," "Whisp Tells a Story," "Moose Makes a Wish," "The Riding Cow," "The Peony Pixie," and "The Strawberry Farm" 

Summer Season includes: "The Apricot Tree and the Robin," "The Hummingbird Lady," "The Bookmender's Helper," "Fairy Fireflies," "The Crystal Gnome," "Song of the Orange Day Lily," "Grandfather and the Green Ash Tree Elf," "Black Willow," "The Dusty Dirty Gnome," "The Magician," "Captain Hicks and the Laughing Nixie," "Showers of Gold," and "Iron Riders of Courage" 

Sample Pack includes: "Candleberry Elf," "Fairy Whispers," "The Wish Crystal"

For more details on the stories, check out their full descriptions here