Saturday Sparkle: Winter Season

Saturday Sparkle: Winter Season

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Remember Saturday morning cartoons? We would wake early to catch our favorite shows and start the weekend with fun and fancy. Many parents are looking for a similar time “off” on Saturday morning, but are careful about media content. They want to offer only high quality material to their children. Here's the perfect Sparkle Series for Saturdays, with engaging games, songs, verses and classic stories from around the world. 

Age 7+


This is a collection of 13 winter stories, for the 13 weeks of winter.


This week’s fun includes the original story “Zach’s New Friend” and the Russian folk tale “Prince Ivan and Princess Martha” as well as wintry verses and a delightfully fun inside game.

Whether the Weather

This week’s stories all include dramatic and impacting weather: The old Norse tale “Boots and the Troll” about a boy who is tricked into successfully stealing treasure from a troll and “The Little Shepherd” from Italy about a shepherd who finds  his true love in the middle of a magical apple — as well as a fun snow game “Fox and Geese”.


This week’s fun includes two tales from Germany, “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “How Six Men Got On In The World” as well as some wandering verses and a fun car game.

A New Home

This week’s fun includes stories and verses about finding a new home, including two tales from Denmark called “Greylegs” about how a haughty princess find humility through the clever tactics of a prince who truly loves her, and “Beauty and the Horse”, a dynamic version of the 'Beauty and the Beast', and two games in anticipation of the Chinese New Year.


This week’s fun includes stories and verses about surprises, including a tale from Norway called “Tatterhood” and a tale from Germany called “King Thrushbeard”.


This week’s fun includes stories and verses about love including a tale from Italy called "Fair Angiola" about how true love can sometimes be found through trial and accident: and a Japanese tale called “Three Strong Women", about a famous wrestler who meets his match in a quiet maiden, her mother and her grandmother each of whom possess super-human strength and humility.

Play and Nonsense

This week’s fun includes stories and verses about play and nonsense including a Slavic tale called “The Laughing Prince”, about a goofy fellow charged with making the princess laugh — and a silly car game called “Dumper Camper Flatbed Bus”.


This week’s fun includes the folktale from Denmark, “Alexander and the Golden Bird” about a boy's adventure to far away places looking at first for a golden bird and then finding his future as well. Also included are some sparkly songs and verses.

The Sweet Life

This week’s fun includes folktales from India and Japan. "Sir Buzz" is about a little fellow who joyfully helps a young man defeat a giant. "Momotaro" is about a little boy who comes from a peach pit and helps an island rid itself of ugliness. 


This week’s fun includes a story from Germany called “The Gift of the Little People”, a story from Serbia called “Cinders”, and a story from Russia called “Snow Girl”, as well as verses about Gold and other Treasures.

Overcoming Hard Times

This week’s fun includes a story from Germany called “The Young Giant”, about a boy who has to make his own life in the world, and a story from Serbia called “Baldy”, about the hidden powers of an old gardener who wins the love of a princess — as well as verses in honor of challenges and the courage to meet them.

We Gather Together

This week's fun includes a Ukrainian folktale called "The Tsar and the Angel" that in many ways resembles Dickens "A Christmas Carol"; and tale from China called "The Two Jugglers" about a father-son juggling team that are able to perform the most magical (and impossible) feats.

Far Away and Back Again

This week’s fun includes an Arab folktale called “The Story of Ali Cogia” about a merchant who travels to Mecca and returns home to find that he has been betrayed. Also included is an original story called “The Mountain Home” about the magical journey of a young woman who travels around the world to find that her true home is in the same hut where she was born.