Saturday Sparkle: Summer Season

Saturday Sparkle: Summer Season

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Remember Saturday morning cartoons? We would wake early to catch our favorite shows and start the weekend with fun and fancy. Many parents are looking for a similar time “off” on Saturday morning, but are careful about media content. They want to offer only high quality material to their children. Here's the perfect Sparkle Series for Saturdays, with engaging games, songs, verses and classic stories from around the world. 

Age 7+


This is a collection of 13 summer stories, for the 13 weeks of summer.


This week’s stories includes a story from Norway called “The Princess on the Glass Mountain” about the incredible trials a princess puts to a prospective suitor, and a story from Spain called “The Water Lily and the Gold Spinners” about a lost prince who is helped by three gold spinners to rescue a water lily — who is their enchanted sister. Also included are several seasonal morning verses.


This week’s fun includes one long story from Lapland called “The Sister of the Sun” about an innocent gardener’s son who is sent on an incredible journey that brings him to his true love. The voyage is filled with hardship but his innocence and truth delivers him in the end. Included are several playful verses and a description of how to create your own penny carnival! 

Summer Nights

This week’s fun includes one long story from Turkey called “The Silent Princess” about a king’s son who is destined to find a princess who has been cursed never to speak. With the assistance of a talking nightingale he is able to visit several nights in a row and eventually break the curse with cleverness. Included are a nighttime verse and a second installment in how to create a backyard penny carnival! 


This week’s fun includes one story from Iceland called “The Cottager and the Cat” about a man’s hidden wealth and how his son’s generosity brings riches beyond compare. Also included is the Korean tale “Heungbu and Nolbu” about two brothers and the secret that makes one rich and the other poor. Included is a fun skipping verse called “Mrs. Crabtree”. 

Up and Away

This week’s fun includes a jaunty tale from Italy called “Paperello” about a simple lad who wins a kingdom — as well as a classic tale from Germany called “Little Red Cap”. Also included are poems by Robert Frost and Lewis Carroll. 

Right Here, Right Now

This week includes a story from Spain called, “The Water of Life” about the quest to create the perfect castle and garden by seeking treasures without distraction. Also included is a tale from North America called “The Mountain Lion and the Wildcat” about how patience and faith wins the day — and a story adapted by Carol S. Baily called “The Fairy that came to our House” about how a fairy helps a child pay attention to important household details. 


This week features a long story from Brazil called “The Tortoise and the Mischievous Monkey” about the difficult community work of getting along even when someone is a bit of a practical joker. 


This week features two stories about patience and waiting. One is from France called “The Sleeping Beauty”, and the other is from Germany called “Briar Rose”. Included are several verses that celebrate patience, plus a fun game that can be played while waiting for something. 


This week features several stories about creating something that one wants. The first is from the United States and it is a famous story called “Stone Soup”. The second is from Bulgaria called “Cudgil Bestir Thyself” about how a man manifests some powerful gifts and then loses them. There is also another version of the stone soup story from Switzerland called “The Old Woman and the Tramp” as well as a fun summertime game called “Spritzer Tag”. 

The World is Big

This week's story comes from India, called "Jackal or Tiger?"; the story starts with an argument between a King and Queen about a sound heard in the woods. The result is the banishment of the Queen, and a long hero's journey back home for her son. Also included is a fun blindfolded circle game. 

Magical Helpers

This week's fun includes a story from China called "Hok Lee and the Dwarfs" where a greedy fellow learns a valuable lesson in authenticity, a story from Denmark called "Tinderbox" where the magical light from a seemingly ordinary tinderbox grants wishes (a version of the genie-in-the-bottle themed stories), and a fun group game called "Doggie Bone". 

Brave and True

This week's collection features a single story from old Slovakia called "The Three Citrons" - a classic hero's journey where kindness and authenticity win the day.  Also included are several brave and true verses. 


This week's stories both have fairy magic at their center with "The Ogre", a story from Italy about a simple youth who wins great fortune by serving an ogre in the wood, and "The Fairy Dyers" from Scotland about a man whose greed gets the better of him while he is spying on a troupe of fairies working by a lake. Also included are fairy verses from Evaleen Stein.