Martin & Sylvia's Whole World Easter Collection

Martin & Sylvia's Whole World Easter Collection

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Martin and Sylvia's "Whole World Easter" Collection follows the preparation and trip to Nanni and Poppi's house, where the family celebrates every day leading up to Easter Sunday.  They are inspired to create new Easter traditions by their Australian penpals who are also celebrating Easter - though for them, it is Autumn! 

This collection includes a story for every day of Easter Week.

Ages 3+

About the Stories

Part 1: "The Other Side of the World"

Martin and Sylvia begin a penpal relationship with Ruby and Angus who live south of Sydney, Australia. They learn a great deal, especially that the seasons in Australia are the opposite of their own.

Part 2: "What is Easter?"

Martin and Sylvia listen to a story from the Willowbee Tree series called "Out of the Pouch" which helps them understand the Easter story through the experience of a baby bilby leaving his mother's pouch for the first time.

Part 3: "Bulbs and Blossoms"

Martin and Sylvia arrive at Nanni and Poppi's and get their first message from Australia. They learn about Ruby and Angus's traditions for the Monday of Easter Week.

Part 4: "Cleaning the Garden"

The family is inspired by Ruby and Angus' traditions and they make their own. They clean Nanni and Poppi's garden and then have a picnic in a park.