Martin & Sylvia: Travel!

Martin & Sylvia: Travel!

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Join Martin and Sylvia's adventures as they travel from New England to California — by car, plane, and train! In the five stories of this collection, the family brings imagination to each step of the way, and creates delight wherever they are — even delayed in the airport!

Together these stories make nearly two hours of traveling fun and inspiration.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Part One: Let's Go!"

Brother and Sister start to plan their trip and create an Explorer's Map of their travels.

"Part Two: The Sandwich Fairies"

Sylvia learns the value of using her imagination when traveling and has particular fun when the family stops for lunch.

"Part Three: The Airport Vacation"

When their flight is delayed, Momma comes up with an idea for how to enjoy their extra time in the airport.

"Part Four: At Home in the Clouds"

They have a delightful surprise on their flight and make a new friend who helps them invent the most fun airplane game ever.

"Part Five: The Train! The Train" 

It is the last leg of their travels and everyone is feeling tired and impatient. Luckily, Sylvia remembers all that she has learned and inspires the family to be patient, use their imagination, treat every moment like a vacation, and to be open to delightful surprises. And it works!