Martin & Sylvia's Halloween "Fairy Ball" Story Collection

Martin & Sylvia's Halloween "Fairy Ball" Story Collection

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Follow the delightful adventures and creative endeavors of this clever brother and sister over three stories, as they prepare for their annual Halloween "Fairy Ball"!

These stories are from the Martin & Sylvia's Halloween collection.

Ages 3+


These stories follow the events that unfold over the few days before Halloween as the creative brother and sister prepare for their annual Fairy Ball!

"Halloween Fairy Ball Part One: The Thinning of the Veils"

While Martin and Sylvia wait for the invitations to arrive for their annual Halloween Fairy Ball, Sylvia spies something curious sticking out of the toy shelf in their bedroom. She examines it, and finds that it is an orange piece of paper with a drawing — and on the drawing is a red “X.” Martin declares that it must be a treasure map! And thus brother and sister are launched on a cross-town treasure hunt. Where will it lead them?

"Halloween Fairy Ball Part Two: Jack-O-Lanterns"

To gain entrance to the annual Halloween Fairy Ball, the children must bring certain gifts. From the invitation, they learn that one of these fairy gifts is a Jack-O-Lantern. They run to harvest their pumpkins, only to discover the ones they grew themselves are both very small. Momma then tells them that the first Jack-O-Lanterns were actually carved out of turnips! This amazes both Martin and Sylvia, and they decide to try it. It works! And not only that, they glow a beautiful golden white like the moon.

"Halloween Fairy Ball Part Three: The Fairy Ball"

While his sister Sylvia has already found all of her fairy gifts, Martin laments that he’ll never find the feather, crystal and candle that he needs to gain entrance to the Ball. Everything changes however, when Momma teaches Martin a magical finding trick. And the Halloween magic doesn’t end there!