Martin & Sylvia's Giving Thanks Story Collection

Martin & Sylvia's Giving Thanks Story Collection

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On the drive to Grandma's for their annual Thanksgiving Feast, brother and sister learn about the magical power of two important words: thank you. They realize that feeling a "thank you" with their whole body can change how you feel — and change how other people feel! This lesson sets the whole family into a Thanksgiving holiday filled with appreciation, joy, and family adventure.

Ages 3+


Part One: Two Magic Words 

Brother and sister turn a long drive to Grandma's into a magical quest to bring gratitude into every part of the trip.

Part Two: A Whole House Full of Thanks 

This story is about the play all the cousins put on together based on a fanciful story about Grandma's big house along with an imaginary and creative history of the Thanksgiving meal.


Part Three: So Many Ways to Give Thanks 

This story is about all the ways the entire family helps each other prepare, cook and then enjoy the feast together.