Martin & Sylvia: Spring Season

Martin & Sylvia: Spring Season

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Martin and Sylvia live in tall house with lots of windows. In their backyard is all a five and a seven year old could ever want: a brook, a tree swing, a playhouse and a garden full of magical friends. Join this enterprising brother and sister for a year of delight and wonder. Whether it's the heat of summer, or the deep snows of winter, every day is an adventure!

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring.

Big Brother

Martin is having a bad day. First he feels left out of a snuggly moment between Momma and Sylvia, and then he has to go to a Spanish class while Sylvia gets Momma and Daddy to herself. Martin doesn’t know it, but Momma and Daddy have a plan.

Stuck in the Mud

One morning the children wake to rain and melting snow and mud! For the rest of the day the whole family — Martin, Sylvia, Momma, and Daddy — plus some of their friends get regularly stuck in the mud.

Springtime Fun and Foolery

It’s the first week of spring and the house is abuzz with fun and foolery. Martin makes a treasure hunt for his sister that has a suspicious treat at the end. Sylvia and Daddy dress up like each other and fool Martin. But at the end of the day, Momma surprises everyone at dinnertime!

Signs of Spring

Sylvia loves to color eggs - she loves to make the dyes, draw designs and soak white eggs in the color. However, she doesn’t like to wait. So, while the eggs are turning magnificent colors, Momma creates a springtime game that transforms impatient waiting into springtime magic.

Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Cleaning Day in Martin and Sylvia’s house! But Martin and Sylvia would much rather get in the way than help. A little springtime fun with Sasha and Jonathan turns the tide and provides a little inspiration to join the effort.

The Cruds

Daddy’s birthday is coming up, and he’s preparing for his annual birthday canoe ride through downtown. This year Martin gets to come along!On the day before the trip, Martin has everything planned, but one thing might keep him from going — a case of the “cruds”.

Good Old Dog

Billbill is Martin and Sylvia’s good old dog. He spends most of his time snoozing on his thick checkered mat in the living room, but they don’t mind. When Momma gets a phone call from Poppi and Nana with some sad news about their old cat, Martin and Sylvia celebrate how lucky they are to have Billbill in their life.

Mother’s Day

Momma doesn’t know what she wants to do for Mother’s Day. So Daddy, Martin and Sylvia come up with all sorts of ideas. Together they create a small book of options. When Momma pages through, she is delighted and amazed to discover what her perfect mother’s day could include!

A Fine Town

Martin and Sylvia return from a vacation to their grandparents house with the regret that their vacation was too short. Momma proposes that they have one more day of vacation only spending it in their own town. Daddy suggests they start by swimming in the downtown hotel pool — and this is just the beginning of seeing their fine town through new eyes.

The Woodpecker Tree

The woodpecker tree needs to be cut down. It is big and old and filled with woodpecker holes. From Karl the playful woodsman, Martin and Sylvia learn a lot about trees, cutting firewood, and a secret way to stay safe from black flies!

Pick-Up League

Martin wants to join little league baseball like his friend Peter, but Momma and Daddy say he isn’t old enough for organized sports. He has to be nine. Nine! Martin is amazed! But that doesn’t mean there’s no baseball for Martin. Daddy pulls together a pick-up game with friends; flexible rules, bat and ball options, and many creative calls from the sidelines make the game fun for everyone in the family!

The Playhouse

Daddy has noticed something new about Martin and Sylvia’s play time: the children tend to do only what Martin wants to do. And Daddy knows that Sylvia has wonderfully imaginative ideas. So he decides to build a little possibility onto their playhouse and surprise them all.

Thank You’s

Mr. Brown teaches Martin the secret to being a good farmer — to be thankful. Martin is excited to be more thankful at home, but he returns to see that his cat Pickles has ripped his favorite toy. How can he be thankful when he is feeling so mad?