Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Winter Season

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Winter Season

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Saturdays are special days for our creative brother and sister. From enormous art projects in their own backyard to “explorers” adventures up Mooseberry mountain; from mornings of quiet building along the creek, to whole-family canning adventures in the kitchen, the children find fun and inspiration at every turn. Each story is accompanied by a craft or project inspired by the story, and a printable project page for more creative fun.

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 winter stories, for the 13 weeks of winter.

Free Sledding

Brother and sister love sledding: they love sledding sideways, backwards, slow, fast, like animals and like bowling balls. When they visit a new sledding hill and try sledding with other children, Sylvia realizes that not everyone knows how to ‘free sled.’ Her ideas turn a frustrated competition into a delightful sledding adventure for all.

Sudden Story

During a visit to Grandma’s, brother and sister are inspired by some street performers who create a “flash performance” in the park. They too want to tell a story publicly — and suddenly without any announcement. When Momma suggests they tell a ‘sudden story’ at Mrs. Brown’s birthday party, Martin knows just the right story to tell.

Our Own Town

Daddy is asked to be on the town planning committee. When he tells Martin and Sylvia about some of the town hall and library renovations, they ask if he can show them what it will look like. Daddy pulls out the clay and toothpicks and begins to create a model, encouraging the children to fashion their own additions!

Mouse Houses

Martin discovers an abandoned mouse nest in the woodpile, and Sylvia wishes to preserve it. Momma suggests she make her own mouse houses and place them in spots around the forest. The two of them work together to imagine what a mouse might want for a house and where the best locations might be.

Picture Thank You Cards

Momma encourages brother and sister to make thank you cards for Grandma, and Sylvia insists that she cannot. “I don’t know how to write,” she says. Daddy then recalls something they saw in a children’s museum: Egyptian hieroglyphics! Inspired, brother and sister start to make their own picture words.

Can’t Wait to Wait

When Jonathan invites brother and sister to his birthday dinner at a french restaurant in town, Sylvia can’t help but worry that she will have to wait forever while the food arrives. Mr. Weber, however, knows just how to making waiting lots more fun.

The Organizing Bug

Martin notices that Momma has several little files of note cards, and he wonders what they could be for. She explains that she caught the organizing bug when she was little and likes to make files of cards that tell her where everything is. Soon Martin and Sylvia catch the organizing bug too but brother and sister have very different ways of organizing!

Four in One Snow Forts

A sudden snow storm results in two feet of perfect packing snow — and brother and sister want to make snow forts. When their friends Jonathan and Sasha join them, the four of them start on four very different forts. By day’s end, however, they decide to collaborate on one fort — a fort that has all four different styles.

The Gift of Sweetness

It is maple sugaring season and this year is a special year for the Browns: this year’s sap will be boiled using firewood cut from an old maple tree that was cut down last year. The tree was called Sweetness, and Sylvia and Mrs. Brown find that the old tree has more than sap and firewood to give.

How to Be a Fire Fighter

Ever since Sylvia saw a fire fighter in action, she has wanted to be a fire fighter. When she and her family get to visit the fire station and see the life of a fire fighter first hand, she learns that she can start her training right away.

Spring Seeing

Brother and sister take themselves on a Spring Seeing walk where they hunt for signs of spring. As they wander through the forest, they talk about the fairy life and Sylvia wonders if maybe this time she can see a fairy with her own eyes.

Pet Portraits

When Sylvia looks at the ‘family wall’ of portraits she realizes that there are two family members missing: Billbill, their old dog, and Pickles, their cat. Daddy suggests they make portraits of their pets which opens up the question does the picture have to look like them?


There’s a “white out” at Martin and Sylvia’s house! The snow is falling so heavily that the children can barely find their playhouse. This is quite exciting, but there’s one problem: their grandparents are due to arrive on an airplane that day. Martin wants to get a message to Nanni and Poppi — and so combines magic and paper-folding to make an airplane that might just do the trick!