Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Summer Season

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Summer Season

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Saturdays are special days for our creative brother and sister. From enormous art projects in their own backyard to “explorers” adventures up Mooseberry mountain; from mornings of quiet building along the creek, to whole-family canning adventures in the kitchen, the children find fun and inspiration at every turn. Each story is accompanied by a craft or project inspired by the story, and a printable project page for more creative fun.

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 summer stories, for the 13 weeks of summer.


Martin and Sylvia’s family is planning a barbecue. But on the morning of the event, they are discouraged to see that it is raining. Brother and sister are adamant that they can make the rain stop if only they can get a rainbow to come. They wear rainbow clothes, sing rainbow songs and then finally make rainbow food. Will it work?

Explorer Pig

Mr and Mrs. Brown’s pigs have had piglets, and Martin and Sylvia get to name them! Of course, by the end of the naming process, they all have delightful names. The littlest pig of all is named Explorer Pig — because he keeps escaping the pen. One morning Sylvia imagines where the piglet goes when he escapes; this serves as the seed for a fun Saturday project!

Let’s Do Everything

Daddy asks brother and sister to plan a play date with their friends Sasha and Jonathan. Martin has ideas and Sylvia has ideas how to choose? Daddy suggests they make a list and let their friends choose. Everyone is surprised and delighted when Jonathan says, “Lets do everything!” But how to do that?

Mother’s Helper

Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s granddaughter Laura is coming over, and Momma asks brother and sister to be “Mother’s Helpers”. At first they don’t feel qualified for such a responsibility, but after some games, some stories and some tasty snacks, they realize that being a mother’s helper is not only work it is fun!

Sports from Scratch

Martin wants to join the town soccer league. He tells Daddy that he wants to be on a team, to have a uniform, and to play games. Daddy then suggests they get what Martin wants, but in reverse: start with the name, then make the uniform, and then create the game to play. The result is surprising and lots of fun!

The Picky Day

Brother and sister wake up in a touchy mood and start picking on each other. Momma gives them a task that will make use of all this picking: making a flower braid. She also gives them a riddle that Martin and Sylvia must work together to solve.

The Tiny House

Martin and Sylvia want to set up the tent, and in addition to sleeping bags, they want chairs, a work and dining table, as well as a reading and craft area. They quickly realize that it will take some careful planning to make it all fit?. By day’s end have a beautiful and functional little house.

What Sandcastles Like

When Martin and Sylvia’s family visits Momma’s friend Kaylee on the coast, they discover a tidal river bank with sand perfect for sandcastles. They build what they hope will be a long lasting sand castle, but quickly learn what the ocean, the sand and sandcastles prefer.

Sock Puppets

Daddy intends to throw out his old single socks because he believes there is nothing one can do with them. Well, brother and sister’s babysitter Ellie knows just what to do with them sock puppets!

A Better Way

When Martin and Sylvia realize that school for them starts the following week, they go to the supplies cabinet to see what they need for the year ahead. They discover that the cabinet is a mess. “Perhaps there is a better way to store our school supplies,” suggests Momma. And oh what fun it is to create cups, bins, pouches and boxes for all their things! Well, almost all their things.

Nippy Knitting Day

Martin and Sylvia wake one late summer morning and feel a chill in the air. It is the first nippy morning of the year and they both start to imagine all the cool weather things they could do. Eventually they decide to knit scarves to help them stay warm. By the time they finish, however, the temperature has changed.


During a trip downtown, Martin and Sylvia meet a police officer who helps them better understand and appreciate the role of the police in their town: in some ways they are like a parent and in other ways they are like a super hero!

Apple Faces

It is apple season where Martin and Sylvia live and while they are collecting apples for apple sauce, Momma suggests to Martin that no two things in nature are exactly the same. Martin can’t believe this and spends the day looking for two apples and then two apple faces that are identical.