Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Spring Season

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Spring Season

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Saturdays are special days for our creative brother and sister. From enormous art projects in their own backyard to “explorers” adventures up Mooseberry mountain; from mornings of quiet building along the creek, to whole-family canning adventures in the kitchen, the children find fun and inspiration at every turn. Each story is accompanied by a craft or project inspired by the story, and a printable project page for more creative fun.

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring.

Silly Speak Songs

Brother and sister attend a song writing workshop with a visiting children's musician and even though Martin is at first resistant, they both learn the silly way she writes songs.  

The Meeting Spot

When Momma's friend Karen brings her daughter Haylie over to play, Sylvia isn't sure what they could do together. What did she like to do? Will she enjoy playing the things Sylvia enjoys? Momma encourages them to find a meeting spot — find something that they both enjoy — and it doesn't take long for them to find the perfect one.

Spring Thaw Paddle Tour

Martin and Sylvia's family decides to join the 'spring thaw paddle tour' on town lake this year — but oh no! Martin gets a fever and has to stay in bed. Sylvia decides she doesn't want to go without him and instead creates a paddle tour just for her brother ... in the bath tub!

Lemons and Mud

Brother and sister are inspired one warm spring morning to make the years first lemonade stand. When they realize they have no lemons — Daddy encourages them to look around and see what is available. All Sylvia can see is mud — and thus the year's first 'mud pie stand' is launched!

Ramps and Rapunzel

On a springtime nature walk, Momma, brother and sister discover a gathering of wild leeks or ramps. When Momma suggests they carefully harvest a few for some ramp pesto, brother and sister wish to return later for more. After they take a few too many, Momma reminds them of a fairy tale where too many ramps were taken — and what happens next!

When Pigs Fly

Sylvia is upset when Martin's friend Julian starts to tell an "Explorer Pig" story about the Sylvia's favorite new piglet Explorer Pig. She insists to Mrs. Brown that only she can tell those stories. Mrs. Brown, who writes poetry, lets her in on a secret: stories sometimes enjoy hearing how other people might tell them. This is difficult at first for Sylvia to accept, but soon she realizes what fun it can be to share a story.

When You Need Your Numbers

Martin isn't sure math is so important. He can't think of when he ever uses it. When Momma challenges him to count how many times he uses numbers in his day, however, he is not only surprised but grateful for all that math offers him.

Calling It Done

When Mr. Brown asks Martin if he would invent a new way to carry chicken eggs, Martin jumps into the challenge with excitement. After a full day of working, however, he starts to question what he made and wonders if he could do better. Daddy recognizes that there are always room for improvements but eventually one has to stop and call it complete.

Peg Doll Party

It's spring cleaning time and Martin and Sylvia are not so excited. Momma invites them to join her in the attic reorganization and everything changes when they discover a box of old wooden pegs. Why did Momma have this box? Well, brother and sister are surprised and delighted by her answer.

Important to Us All

When Daddy takes brother and sister downtown and they see a public mural being painted on a back wall of the town hall, they wonder if perhaps they can paint one at their home. "What should we paint?" asks Martin. "Something that is important to the whole family," suggests Daddy. And thus the Saturday project begins. 

Trail Art

When Martin and Sylvia join their friends, Sasha and Jonathan, for a hike up Mount Mooseberry, they learn that sometimes people make little markers along the trail. Some of them are simple, and some are complex, but all are beautiful. Sylvia decides to call it "Trail Art," and all four children spend the rest of the hike making lovely sculptures out of stones, sticks, and leaves. 

Silly Sun Hats

When Martin and Sylvia are invited to go sailing with the Webers on Town Lake, Momma asks that they both wear sunhats. Martin really wants to wear his red cardinal hat but Momma suggests he decorate his hat so that he enjoys it more. This excites Sylvia and then brother and sister design and decorate the Silliest, specialest sunhats they ever wore.

Animal Hospital

Billbill, their old dog, has a stomach ache and brother and sister are very excited to help him. They collect herbs and make teas and hope to not only heal Billbill but any sick or injured animal that needs it. Unfortunately for them however, all the animals seem fine and don't need their help!