Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Autumn Season

Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!: Autumn Season

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Saturdays are special days for our creative brother and sister. From enormous art projects in their own backyard to “explorers” adventures up Mooseberry mountain; from mornings of quiet building along the creek, to whole-family canning adventures in the kitchen, the children find fun and inspiration at every turn. Each story is accompanied by a craft or project inspired by the story, and a printable project page for more creative fun.

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 Autumn stories, for the 13 weeks of Autumn.

True Colors

One autumn morning, Momma tells brother and sister that the oranges, reds and yellows of autumn leaves are actually their true colors that the green actually masks those colors until the fall. This reminds Sylvia of something she has been masking — and gives her the courage to tell the truth.

Lunch Box

One afternoon Martin notices that the construction workers downtown, as well as the children from the local school, all have little lunch boxes they carry around. This makes him wonder “Why don’t I have a lunch box? And if I had one what image would I want on the outside?”. This sets brother and sister off on a fun adventure of finding, adapting and decorating their own lunch boxes.


When Daddy tells Martin and Sylvia about a former student who is winning running medals, Martin is inspired to win a few of his own. The only problem is he needs to create a competition as well as the first place medals! They decide on creating a ‘medal event’ that gives everyone a chance to win a medal for doing something they really enjoy and the medals turn out to be much tastier than traditional gold medals.

The Great Scarecrow Mystery

When Daddy takes brother and sister into town one day, they see scarecrows everywhere! How did this happen and why? Jerry the baker explains that there is a scarecrow of the day and if they can find the one in the photo by the town hall, they could win a little prize. Of course Martin and Sylvia are excited, but the mystery only begins!

Super Silks

When Sylvia insists that she and Martin need new costumes, Daddy suggests that any costume could be made by using silks. Sylvia doesn’t believe him so Daddy suggests a costuming challenge where brother and sister use the costumes they have and Momma and Daddy use only silks. The result is some very creative costumes and a LOT of laughs.

Waiting for the Sparkle

Now that Martin can write full sentences, he decides he wants to write an entire book. He gets his paper and pencil, and he sits down to begin; but he can’t think of anything to write! Daddy sympathizes and encourages him to be patient. Sometimes the sparkle of an idea takes a while to arrive but it always comes!

Like Cats and Dogs

As Daddy helps brother and sister understand the difference between “Dog People” and “Cat People”, all three realize that they have traits that are like both dogs and cats. In fact, they can think of all sorts of animals they are like at different times of the day!

A Hunting Morning

Laura is visiting the Browns next door and Martin and Sylvia are invited over for buttered popovers. Mr and Mrs. Brown then decide to set up a ‘popover treasure hunt’ for the three children where they need to use their noses to find them. When the hunt begins, however, they are surprised to find they are not the only ones doing the hunting!

The Tree Key

Momma needs to find a green ash tree for some of her research and invites brother and sister to join her. At first Sylvia is confused because most of the trees have dropped their leaves “How can you find a tree without its leaves?” , “With this”, Momma responds and then she shows them a little book that makes finding trees magical and fun!

Around the World

Brother and sister are taking a class in their town hall called “Around the World” where they get to do projects based on a country of their choice. Martin wants Mexico but is discouraged when his sister chooses it before him. He quickly chooses a country he has never heard of but is so glad that he did.

Three Little Fairy Houses

There is a big storm coming, and Sylvia is worried about the fairy houses by the brook. Since they just read the “Three Little Pigs” story, she wonders what natural materials would be best for certain kinds of fairies. She and Martin get to work creating all about the yard and are delighted to discover which houses endure the “huffing and puffing” of the storm.

The Let Go Approach

It is gift giving season for Martin and Sylvia’s family and Martin has a particularly magical gift for his sister. It is so magical that he wants to give it to her in a magical way. When all his ideas don’t seem to work, Daddy suggests he use the ‘let go approach’. And what is the ‘let go approach?’

Snow that Sticks

It is almost officially winter and there is still no snow. Brother and sister think about ways they can encourage the snow to come and in addition to a snow dance and song, they make lots of paper snowflakes. When they bring the paper flakes outside, they are dazzled by what happens.