Martin & Sylvia Sample Pack

Martin & Sylvia Sample Pack

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These three sample stories: "May Day", "Mr. Brown's Bees", and "The Goose Pond" are like those you'll find in the Martin & Sylvia series.

Ages 3+

About the Stories

"May Day"

It's May Day! In Martin & Sylvia's town, the community celebrates with a May Day Fair, complete with music and a Maypole. The family can't wait to don their woven flower crowns and visit all the booths at the fair. But Martin can think of nothing but the Maypole — and how he wants to join the “fast dance” this year. It takes courage and a little story magic for Martin to take a ribbon and join the big kids in the twisting, turning dance.

"Mr. Brown's Bees"

Mr. Brown's orchard is a'bloom and ready for the busy work of his bees. He invites Martin and Sylvia to help prepare the hives, and Sylvia enthusiastically joins in. Martin, however, is apprehensive. He's been stung before. But when Daddy gives a lesson on bees, Martin learns how much he has in common with the helpful workers.

"The Goose Pond"

Martin and Sylvia wake one morning to hear a clear sign that autumn has arrived: the honking of geese! Sylvia wonders if any geese have visited the little pond she created in their back yard brook, but Martin is sure the geese have passed by. When they check, they find that the swollen brook has washed away the little pond as well as a series of precious fairy houses. They both set to work but cannot agree on how to proceed. Only a true collaboration solves the question of how to make a proper goose pond!