Martin & Sylvia: New Neighbors

Martin & Sylvia: New Neighbors

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When Martin and Sylvia’s neighbors announce that they are moving, a whole world of questions come up for brother and sister. What will their neighbors’ new home be like? Will there be enough room for their boisterous dog Rufus? And who will move into their old house? As the changes come to pass, brother and sister discover how much fun can be had with both old and new friends — particularly ones who are just a little older and appreciate tall trees, the local library, and homeschooling just as much as they do.

Ages 4+


About the Stories

"Part One: Visioning"

Martin and Sylvia learn that their neighbors are moving away. Where will they live next? And will Rufus, their energetic dog, still have enough room to run around? As the family considers how to support their neighbors in their next adventure, they offer them a special gift from the depths of their hearts.

"Part Two: Who Will Move In?"

As Martin and Sylvia’s family visits with their neighbors and talk about the future, it suddenly dawns on them that they will soon have new neighbors. What will they be like? Will they be fun and playful, or grumpy and scary? Momma suggests that the family spend a little time exploring what kinds of neighbors they truly wish to have.

"Part Three: Neighbor Visioning"

Martin and Sylvia’s family talk together about what they hope for in the new neighbors. As each family member shares their different perspective, their anticipation and wonder grow. Who will join their neighborhood? The very next day, Daddy comes home from work with some exciting news.

"Part Four: Meeting New Friends...and Neighbors?"

Martin and Sylvia’s curiosity about Daddy’s work friend and his family intensifies as they prepare to meet for a bite to eat. Brother and sister are disappointed to learn that the children in the family are a bit older than them — 9 and 12 — but begin to warm to the difference in ages as they talk with Momma. When the new family enters their home, Martin and Sylvia excitedly prepare themselves to meet their new … neighbors?