Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures!: Summer Season

Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures!: Summer Season

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Martin and Sylvia can find fun and adventure just about anywhere they go! When the brother and sister don their explorers' hats, the whole back yard becomes a new land waiting to be discovered. The spring brook becomes a rainforest river! The apple trees become hot air balloons! The neighborhood library is a wizard's castle! These stories delight in the children's adventures at home and beyond.

Age 3+

About the Stories

 This is a collection of 13 summer stories, for the 13 weeks of summer.

The Tides

Martin and Sylvia's family are taking a trip to the coast of Maine, and they are so excited! Brother and sister are initially disappointed when they see that their vacation on the ocean is situated on what looks like an empty basin of mud.  When friends explain that "the tide is out", the children have a chance to learn all about the amazing natural rhythm of the tides. They also learn about all sorts of tidal adventures that follow the ever-changing waters.


Sheep and Shepherds


Brother and sister love taking care of Pinochle and Roseberry, Mr. Brown's two new sheep. They help feed and clean up after the sheep. One day, Mr. Brown suggests they take the sheep to the pasture — by themselves. This gives them the chance to be real shepherds, learning the importance of "empathy" when taking care of someone.


Burger Night and the No No Bug

Martin and Sylvia's family is excited about a new offering by a local farm: Burger Night! They'll have hamburgers and veggie burgers and mushroom burgers — and music. The only problem is that Sylvia doesn't want to go. She doesn't like burgers, she won't know anyone, and she doesn't like the kind of music they will be playing! Daddy asks her if she has ever heard of a No No Bug. Daddy tells her the secret of the No No Bug and then the biggest secret of all — No No Bug's favorite food ... is "Yes Burgers"!


So Much Kale

Martin and Sylvia discover that their garden is filled with kale ready to harvest. This begs the question — what do you do when you have so much kale?


Listening to the Story Whispers

When brother and sister attend a storytelling workshop, Sylvia insists on telling her "Babbit Stories." She can't wait! She knows everyone will love them. Then the storyteller teaches her that some of the best stories come from listening.



One morning, everyone wakes with a separate project in mind. Daddy wants to build a compost bin, Momma wants to paint the dining room chairs, Sylvia wants to build a fairy cottage and Martin has an invention idea. Each needs help but no one feels they have space to offer any. What to do?



When brother and sister visit a farmer friend who doesn't mind a little dirt inside the house, they wonder if maybe Momma and Daddy might not mind a little dirt in their house either. But when they try wearing their dirty clothes on the clean couch, Momma gently sets them straight. 


Jam Poetry

When the Browns happily discover that their three apricot trees have produced a bumper crop this year, Martin and Sylvia come to help harvest and make apricot jam. While preparing the apricots, Mrs. Brown invites brother and sister to describe the complex taste of apricots using poetry.


Four Kinds of Pickers

It is blueberry season where Martin and Sylvia live and when Nanni and Poppi come to visit, Poppi teaches Sylvia that there are four different kinds of blueberry pickers: bear pickers, bird pickers, deer pickers and rabbit pickers — and Sylvia finds out which kind of picker she is!


The Fairy Ferry

When Daddy happily announces that the family is going to a restaurant on the far side of the lake, brother and sister are excited. But when he says that a "Ferry" is going to take them across the lake, Sylvia is confused. "A fairy?" asks Sylvia. And so begins an exchange that leads Sylvia on a hunt to find fairies ... on a ferry!


Paddling to Treasure Island

When Daddy suggests they paddle to "Luck Island" which was recently made into a public park, brother and sister are at once excited and filled with questions:  "Does anyone live there?"  "What is on the island?"  "Will there be pirate treasure?" They find out that the island does indeed have treasure, but not at all what they were expecting.


Mud Oven

When Momma says that the Brown's are going to make a bread oven that is made out of mud, brother and sister are confused. Mud? How can you cook bread in something mud? 


Awesome Possum and the Mole Patrol

One day Martin and Sylvia notice a poster in the local library announcing that the author of their favorite children's book 'Awesome Possum and the Mole Patrol' is coming to town and they are excited! But Sylvia feels a little nervous about meeting her. She wonders what the woman will be like, and worries that she might be very different from her dear Awesome Possum. She almost doesn't go, but when she meets the author she realizes they both have a lot in common.