Martin & Sylvia's Knitting From the Beginning

Martin & Sylvia's Knitting From the Beginning

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This collection is an hour-long Martin & Sylvia story divided into three parts! The story includes lots of wool craft projects — knitting, working with wool, spinning yarn, and finger knitting — and centers on a class brother and sister take with a magical woman named Miss Melinda.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Part One: The Spunderful Shop"

"The Spunderful Shop" is the name of a shop brother and sister discover during the annual Art Walk. Walking into the Spunderful Shop is like walking into a fairy land of bright sparkling colors and delightful little creatures — all made of knitted and felted wool. When they find out that Miss Melinda, the proprietor of The Spunderful Shop, teaches classes, Martin and Sylvia are very excited!

"Part Two: How to Be a Sheep"

Martin, who already knows how to knit, learns that working with yarn is much more than just making things. He and Sylvia work with Miss Melinda's sheep — they shear, card, comb, and then spin the wool into yarn. And in doing so learn that spinning and knitting is most enjoyable when you are peaceful and slow — like a sheep!

"Part Three: The Fairy Poke"

Sylvia is nervous about learning to knit. She thinks that it might be too hard for her, until Miss Melinda chooses the perfect project for her — a fairy poke. These little satchels are the best way to carry something close to Sylvia's heart — fairy gifts!