Martin & Sylvia "Goose-Eye Summer Camp"

Martin & Sylvia "Goose-Eye Summer Camp"

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Follow Martin through his week at Goose-Eye Camp, while Sylvia has her own camp experience at home!  This Collection contains four stories totaling more than 1 and 1/2 hours.


Ages 4+

About the Stories

Nature School Intro Part 1: "What to do on Thursdays"

Momma, brother, and sister decide they want to dedicate one day a week for outside 'nature' school and they set intentions about it. By the next day, Martin is enrolled in the Goose-eye Wilderness school and Momma has formed a homeschool nature day with Sylvia's friend Sophia. "Wow!", they think, "Making intentions really works!"

Nature School Intro Part 2: "The Deermice"

On the first day of Nature school, brother and sister wake to a very rainy day. When Martin arrives at Goose-eye Wilderness School, he is surprised to see a bus has come from the city, bringing children who have never before visited the forest. Sylvia, meanwhile, is disappointed that her friend Sophia doesn't like playing in the rain.

Nature School Intro Part 3: "Out in the Elements"

The children in Martin's group are undeterred by the rain and have a great time playing together. That is until Alexander - a boy who arrives late - brings an uncomfortable layer of competition to the games. Sylvia, meanwhile, manages to entice Sophia outside by falling into an empty garden bed filled with mud.

Nature School Intro Part 4: "The Great Gift"

Troy, one of the apprentices, helps the deer mice group work together by telling them a story about the 'great gift' - or paper birch bark. They make a fire and simmer some pine needle tea together to celebrate the year ahead. Sylvia and Sophia also have a great afternoon playing and working outside in the mud and rain. Both brother and sister end the day exhausted and very satisfied - it looks like Thursday Nature School Day is going to be a huge success!