Martin and Sylvia's Summer Adventures Story Collection

Martin and Sylvia's Summer Adventures Story Collection

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This is a long Martin & Sylvia story divided into three parts: "Family Reunion", "Stories by the Fire", and "Looking for Mermaids".  The story follows the delightful events of a summer adventure to the Thousand Islands for a family reunion, a celebration of imagination, and a hunt for Mermaids!

Ages 3+

About the Stories

Part One: "Family Reunion"

Brother and sister learn that the extended family of cousins has been invited to gather in a magical place called "Mermaid Island"! Once a summer camp for boys and girls, Mermaid Island is filled with stories -- particularly stories of mermaids! Martin & Sylvia are beside themselves with excitement when they meet their host, cousin Daniel, a magical writer and storyteller, who welcomes them to a weekend of fun.

Part Two: "Stories by the Fire"

Daniel brings all the cousins together for an evening of stories. But he's not the only one telling stories -- everyone is encouraged to share stories and discover what they all have in common. Sylvia finds that she has a LOT in common with Cassie - a distant cousin who also enjoys building fairy houses, dressing up in costumes and now, a desire to see a real mermaid!

Part Three: "Looking for Mermaids"

Sylvia and Cassie get up early to look for real mermaids on Mermaid Island and find some magical clues - including some inspiring stories from both Momma and Daniel.