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Looming Dread Lotion

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Feeling like there is nothing but bad news ahead? Are you worried that your usual optimism seems to have evaporated in the burning fire of polarization, conspiracy, hubris, and power-mongering? These stories will help you let go of fear, remind you of what is important, and invite the restorative feelings of gratitude, empathy, and possibility.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Denny and the Could Bee: A Story for Worrying" from our Helping and Healing Handy Toolbelt of Stories collection

“Denny and the Could Bee” is all about the insidious nature of imagining what “could” happen. Rumors, exaggerations, fearful stories, and even simple wonderings have “Could Bees” buzzing around in them. Luckily Mr. James, Denny’s kindergarten teacher, has a way of shooing those Could Bees away and allowing the truth of the matter to become clear.

This story is helpful for children who are struggling with worry.

"Someone Else's Dragon" from our Helping and Healing Handy Toolbelt of Stories collection

The people of Solvei’s village have a yearly festival that marks the end of the growing season and the beginning of the dark time. In this joyful celebration, the villagers dress as dragons that represent the things they fear. Solvei is too young to attend but is so excited that she sneaks a peek on the night of the festival — and comes home with many different fears from the “dragons” that she saw there. Her mother explains that she has taken on “someone else’s dragon” and then helps Solvei give the fears back so she can fall peacefully asleep.

This story supports children who have glimpsed something that has frightened them.

"Too Much" from our Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! collection

When Daddy invites Martin and Sylvia to join him at the annual town auction, they hesitantly agree. Momma senses that they might not want to go and uses lesson time to help them realize that the auction might be too much and that they should talk to Daddy about how they feel. In the end Daddy congratulates them on their clear communication and proposes an alternative to the evening.

"Feeding the Storm" from The Willowbee Tree collection

Clancy is mad. His day has not gone well at all and instead of saying anything to anyone, he has only gotten more and more upset. But then the willow tree takes him to the coast of Newfoundland, Canada where a wolf shows him how the storm inside needs to be expressed and fed in order to pass.

"What Ifs" from our Libby & Dish collection

While Libby waits for her next outing with Juan Paco, she starts to worry about things that might derail their plans — but luckily, Dish interrupts this train of thought with some very wise advice.