Junkyard Tales: The Great Mudball Tournament Story Collection

Junkyard Tales: The Great Mudball Tournament Story Collection

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When Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard watchdog, tells the other animals that they have been invited to a "mudball" tournament in town, their favorite game no longer feels quite so fun. This is especially the case for Spiro, the fun-loving skunk, and the team's coach. Luckily Dizzy, one of the mice - and a huge mudball enthusiast - inspires everyone with her authentic love of the game.

This story addresses healthy competition, winning and losing, what it is to lead a team, and what it is to play on a team: skills useful for anyone who loves to play games.

Ages 4+

About the Stories

"Part One: The Star Formation"

The Junkyard animals nominate Spiro the fun-loving skunk to be the mudball team captain - but Spiro is more worried about disappointing his friends than how to enjoy the tournament. This story focuses on the challenges that come with comparisons and expectations.

"Part Two: The Other Teams"

Spiro and Dizzy see two of the other teams play and realize their initial game plan might not work. This story focuses on how the best coaching is not simply having a game plan, but recognizing the unique potential of each and every team member.

"Part Three: The Back-Up Plan"

When the animals finally go to the tournament, Spiro's desire to win clouds his judgment as a coach. Only when he lets go of his plan, does he remember what he loves about mudball. This story focuses on how 'not wanting to lose' often distracts you from the most important part of playing games: having fun.