Junkyard Tales Introduction

Junkyard Tales Introduction

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These are the first three stories in the *Junkyard Tales* Series!  It's a great introduction to the whole Series.

Ages 4+

About the Stories

"The Rowlands"

Ben Thompson, clever cat, has just found himself plopped into the new and mysterious world of the Junkyard, where he has been introduced the remarkable animal friends that call the Junkyard home. Not all of the Junkyard creatures are day lovers however! On his first night there, Ben is surprised to encounter the Rowlands, a family of French Canadian raccoons that first shock and then delight him. And oh la la! How the Raccoon family is tickled by this new and curious cat!

"Mr. Flinch"

Things can change quickly in the Junkyard. This one of the lessons that Ben Thompson, clever cat and newcomer, learns on his first full day in this new world. But the Junkyard friends know just how to join together and prepare for any change. Ben meets the entire menagerie of Junkyard critters, including the grandfatherly possum Mr. Flinch, as they prepare for the abrupt removal of Mr. Flinch's much-loved home!

"The House of Chairs"

Mr. Flinch, the Junkyard's grandfatherly possum, has lost his Junkyard home. The pile of cars — that he once called his own — has been hauled off. The Junkyard friends must find him a new house! But it won't be easy. Mr. Flinch needs his home to be just-so. Ben Thompson, clever cat, is new to the Junkyard; but that doesn't stop his determination to help his new friend by discovering just the right spot. And it's a place that no one else could possibly imagine!