Junkyard Tales: All Together Now: Winter Season

Junkyard Tales: All Together Now: Winter Season

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In the Junkyard, Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard Watchdog, insists on two simple rules: take care of each other, and stay out of sight of the Junkyard Warden. Well, like with any diverse community, "taking care" requires generosity, openness, attention and creativity. But for the dog, cat, possum, skunk, rat, mice, rabbit, chipmunk, mole, family of raccoons and beaver brigade, that is how it is when you are "all together". Join the Junkyard crew for adventures, challenges and laughter, as they explore what it means to be a friend, a neighbor and a community.

Age 5+


This is a collection of 13 winter stories, for the 13 weeks of winter.

Into the Snow

Winnie doesn’t like the snow, so most of the Junkyard animals come to visit her in the Warden’s office (after hours of course). But when Sergeant realizes that Winnie has forgotten who Mr. Flinch is — because it’s been so long since she’s been out in the Junkyard — he makes a plan to convince his Puppy Assistant that it is time to go into the snow.

The Gift of Inventor Mouse

Ben and Sergeant marvel over some curious tracks in the snow, and eventually discover that it is from Newberry — a small but very gifted mouse — and his clever bottle-cap snow shoes. When Ben tells him that his ‘snow shoe’ invention needs to be shared with others, the shy mouse wants nothing to do with it. Newberry loves to invent things but he doesn’t like a lot of attention. Ben finds a way for the little mouse’s gift to shine — without bringing him too much attention.

Snow Possums

Georgia Bean has an idea to help the Junkyard animals take advantage of all the snow — a snow sculpture spectacular! She divides everyone into teams. Ben is a little disappointed at first to have Mr. Flinch, the old possum as his partner. But he is quickly surprised and impressed by what the old possum can do!

The Old Tree and the New Friend

When a thick coat of snow breaks off a big branch of the old maple tree (Lil Mamma and Sally’s home), the two friends are forced to find a temporary home. The Junkyard animals offer to help, and discover something unexpected as they start to dig — a new friend!

Rocket Ship

In the Junkyard, there is a special section called “The Treasures”. This is where all sorts of wonderful and surprising things can be found: bags of marbles, boxes of sparkly shoes, jars of seashells and various tasty treats. But one day, Sally the chipmunk finds something that truly amazing: a giant rocket ship!

Puppy School

Everyone loves little Winnie, Sergeant’s puppy assistant, but she does have some important lessons to learn. The Junkyard friends do their best to guide her: Mr. Flinch tries to teach her manners and Spiro tries to teach her how to walk in a straight line. But it’s Sally the chipmunk who knows exactly how to teach a puppy.

Conquest of the Junkyard Pond

It is cold in the Junkyard, very cold. When Mr. Flinch runs out of water for tea, he asks his Junkyard friends for help. They simply need to go to the Junkyard pond to retrieve some ice to thaw. But the whole world is frosty and frozen. Who will step forward as brave arctic explorers?


Ben Thompson and Sally are hiking to the lake to deliver some healing tea to Fredland the Moose. They secretly hope to spy the “Brave and Busy Beaver Brigade” along the way. “They are real superheroes!” claims Sally. But what are “real superheroes”? Listen and find out.

Because We Take Care of Each Other

Winnie the puppy assistant has her first appointment at the vet — and she is nervous. She insists that her Junkyard friends come too. When Ben promises that he and Spiro will be there, Sergeant asks, “Why go to such risk?” “Because we take care of each other,” answers Ben, and thus the adventure begins.

Melody the Crow

One morning, while enjoying his morning rounds, Sergeant hears singing coming from a nearby pine tree. At first he can’t spot the source of the beautiful sound. But moments later he is surprised to see not a songbird but — a crow! And oh, how her music inspired the Junkyard friends.

Letting Go

Just when it seems like spring has sprung at the Junkyard, the sky darkens and it begins to snow. The snow takes Lil Mamma by surprise, for her daffodils have just begun to sprout, and she fears for their well-being! She doesn’t have long to worry, however, because the mysterious mouse Mitzie Niegel appears at her door with some kind help and sage advice.

Funny How Things Work Out

When Spiro and Zippy’s duct work home is suddenly taken away by a flatbed truck, the Junkyard animals rally to find them a new home. The two friends trust that things will work out, but the options aren’t great. Finally they are delighted to see that indeed things do work out — just not in the way you might expect it.

In the Stillness

It is a cold snowy day in the Junkyard, and a single muskrat arrives through the back gate with some incredible news — she is going to have a baby! All the animals then rally to make a warm bed, provide nourishing food and together anticipate the arrival of the new baby.