Junkyard Tales: All Together Now: Summer Season

Junkyard Tales: All Together Now: Summer Season

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In the Junkyard, Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard Watchdog, insists on two simple rules: take care of each other, and stay out of sight of the Junkyard Warden. Well, like with any diverse community, "taking care" requires generosity, openness, attention, and creativity. But for the dog, cat, possum, skunk, rat, mice, rabbit, chipmunk, mole, family of raccoons and beaver brigade, that is how it is when you are "all together". Join the Junkyard crew for adventures, challenges, and laughter, as they explore what it means to be a friend, a neighbor, and a community.

Age 5+


 This is a collection of 13 summer stories, for the 13 weeks of summer.

Smells Like You

Some treasure-hunters come to the Junkyard to see what they can find.  They can smell Spiro the skunk's distinct smell, and make some critical comments about his scent. Spiro is crushed and assumes his friends feel the same way.  He decides to hide his scent with some found perfume, and oh are his friends surprised! 


A Porcupine's Home

Zippy's mother doesn't think a Junkyard is the proper kind of home for a porcupine.  She encourages him to move back with her into the forest, and for a little while Zippy thinks it might be a good idea.  But then he takes note of his dear Junkyard friends and remembers why the Junkyard is truly home.


Let's Get to Work

It is hot in the Junkyard, and the little pond in the back just won't cut it for keeping the Junkyard friends cool.  But Ben, Spiro and Sally have an idea: they can make rain!  It takes a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, but in the end, they give a cool gift to all of the Junkyard animals. 


Now That's a Camp!

Ben wants to create a summer camp for the mice, but he isn't sure how to do it.  Sally gives him advice and encourages him to enroll the other Junkyard animals - but Ben knows they are all very busy.  But when he suggests they all offer to teach something they truly love, the camp quickly comes together.  And what a unique camp it is!


A Taste of the Wild

It is a beautiful summer day, and Spiro decides to try something he has always wanted to do: taste a junebug grub.  He knows that wild skunks who live in the forest and meadow eat grubs all the time, but he, himself, had never tried one.  When he finally makes it to the meadow, digs one up and tastes his first grub, however, he sets himself up to learn a valuable lesson about what it is to be wild.


The Pirate Queen

Georgia Bean, the kindly rat, is looking for something for the mice to do.  The other animals suggest putting on a play and all offer to help in the production.  They agree on a pirate theme, but everyone is surprised when one of the mice takes her part very very seriously.


Have a Heart

When Sergeant learns that the Warden is going to use a 'have-a-heart' trap in the Junkyard, he must mobilize to warn all the animals to stay away. Unfortunately, Spiro, the fun-loving skunk, doesn't get the message in a timely manner, and it takes the nimble hands of a friendly raccoon to get him out.


Angus the Camel

Angus the camel feels very out of place. He spends his days guarding a flock of sheep; he never sees other camels, and he never encounters anyone who knows anything about camels! And so he decides to go in search of the desert, where he is sure to feel at home. In his search, he happens upon the Junkyard. There he learns that "home" is where you are welcome - and the Junkyard is a very welcoming place!


Quiet Time

Sergeant needs some time alone without the constant questions from his puppy assistant Winnie. He enlists the help of Sally the chipmunk, who happily takes Winnie on an adventure. But when Winnie decides to have some of her own "quiet time," the whole Junkyard must be set loose on a search!


The Ring Game

Tomorrow is the annual Junkyard Ring Game, and the Junkyard friends can't find the special ring!  Ben is in charge of finding it and wonders if the ring might have been taken by the territorial mole, Merryweather.  Mr. Flinch offers to find out.  The old possum not only retrieves the ring, but also makes a friend in the process.


In Need of a Bath

It hasn't rained in weeks, and the Junkyard Pond is almost empty!  This means that the animals have only enough water to drink - but not enough to take baths.  Between the heat and the dust, they all get pretty dirty.  Luckily Ben has a plan - but will it work?


Dancing on a Bridge

It is a very hot day at the Junkyard, and the animals are out of sorts. No one seems to be able to get along! By dusk, when the Rowlands (a family of raccoons) makes their nightly visit, they can smell the conflict in the air. Luckily Roger Rowland has an idea that might help...


Junkyard Games

It is hot at the Junkyard. No one wants to work at anything - except finding cool spots to hide from the heat. But the heat doesn't phase Sally the chipmunk or Winnie the puppy -- they can run and play all day! At the weekly meeting, the two have a suggestion for their grumpy Junkyard friends: to turn their daily chores into summertime games! And oh, what fun they have, and what work gets accomplished in the process!