Junkyard Tales: All Together Now: Autumn Season

Junkyard Tales: All Together Now: Autumn Season

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In the Junkyard, Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard Watchdog, insists on two simple rules: take care of each other, and stay out of sight of the Junkyard Warden. Well, like with any diverse community, "taking care" requires generosity, openness, attention and creativity. But for the dog, cat, possum, skunk, rat, mice, rabbit, chipmunk, mole, family of raccoons and beaver brigade, that is how it is when you are "all together". Join the Junkyard crew for adventures, challenges and laughter, as they explore what it means to be a friend, a neighbor and a community.

Age 5+


 This is a collection of 13 autumn stories, for the 13 weeks of autumn.

So Many Apples

Angus the Camel returns to the Junkyard, but this time he brings a gift: two large sacks of apples. Georgia Bean suggests they celebrate by having an Apple Festival. Ben, though he doesn’t like apples, is excited to play all the apple-based games. But he is surprised at what the “festival” turns out to be.

Time with the Grand’kits’

Lil Mamma is going to take care of seven grand ‘kits’ for one night. She has the two days all planned out. When they arrive, however, she realizes that the seven kits need more attention that she can give! With the help of all of her Junkyard friends, she realizes that, indeed, it takes a community to care for children!

Little Pip

When Lil Mamma’s youngest grand ‘kit’, Little Pip visits the Junkyard, he quickly makes friends with the mice. Instead of being considered shy and small, he now feels a part of a special group. He feels at home. But how do you leave a home, when you feel like you finally found it?

Kind Favors

Ben Thompson’s home in the china cabinet needs a thorough clean, but his paws are too big to get in the nooks and crannies. He asks a group of mice for a favor, which launches a delightful series of “kind favors” throughout the Junkyard. In the end, everyone gets a chance to help out and also receive something they really want!

Cat and Skunk Tricks

When Ben joins in a traditional day of “tricks” played between the neighborhood skunks and cats, he doesn’t realize that the biggest trick of all is about to be played on him.

Afraid of the Dark

Winnie, the puppy assistant, is afraid of the dark and won’t come out of the Warden’s office after the sun sets. The others try to coax her out to enjoy the night-time fun, buts she is adamant. Sergeant talks to the Rowlands, a family of raccoons, and they know exactly how to help Winnie not only face her fears, but learn to enjoy the night.

A Quiet Festival

When everyone tells Georgia Bean that they have other plans and can’t attend this year’s Harvest Festival, she is initially disappointed — but then gets excited about having a quiet festival with Mr. Flinch. And then Ben announces he has changed his mind and will bring friends from town. The number increases when Sally says she will bring her brother. More and more change their mind until the festival transforms from quiet — to crowded!

Zippy the Artist

On a visit to the lake, Zippy encounters the beautiful sculptures of a woodworking beaver and is inspired. He wants to be an artist too! He returns to the Junkyard full of excitement, and sets right to work. And how his first two works of art create a stir!

A Real Adventure

When Harriet Hawk stops by the Junkyard on her way south to Mexico, she mentions to everyone that they ‘should join her sometime.’ Some of the mice take her on her word and plan their own beach vacation! Oh the adventures they’ll have with Harriet in the far far south! But as they make their preparations for travel, they begin to discover the sweet appeal of home.

Reading Lessons

Tandy Mouse wants to learn how to read, but she has never heard of a mouse reading. She asks Mr. Flinch to teach her, but also asks that he keep it a secret. The old possum honors her request but believes her new skill would be a benefit to the mice. Finally a fateful accident brings her lessons out in the open, and she is delightfully surprised by the response.

Even Moles Need a Hand

Merryweather Mole is in a fix. She accidentally ended up in the bicycle basket of a Junkyard visitor and is trying to get out. She considers asking Sergeant for help, but she remains stubborn: she can take care of herself. When things get worse, she finally admits that even moles sometimes need a helping hand.

Just Like Pico Mouse

It is a cold day at the Junkyard and the younger mice want to rest in Mr. Flinch’s warm House of Chairs. When he tells them a story about the early days of the brave and powerful Pico Mouse, the young mice are inspired to change their perspective on the cold weather.

Between Friends

Spiro has a very rough morning: he is stuck by a quill, his food is frozen and he slips on the ice. Zippy also has a bad start — he falls down an icy slope and loses his stash of birch bark. When they finally meet that morning, they take out their frustrations on each other — and it takes the work of all the Junkyard friends to help them resolve what happens.