Junkyard Tales: All Belong Story Collection

Junkyard Tales: All Belong Story Collection

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In the Junkyard, home of a happy group of unusual animals, there are a few important rules: the animals take care of each other - and all must remain hidden from the Warden.  When a new animal comes to the Junkyard, a sweet puppy without a home or a name, another rule comes to fore:  All Belong.   Three stories and about an hour of audio!

Ages 4+

About the Stories

Part One: The Puppy
In this chapter, we are introduced to a stray puppy with no name. She is adorable, however, and nearly every one of the animals falls instantly in love with her. Spiro, the fun-loving skunk, however, is not so impressed.

Part Two: What To Do?
In this chapter, the puppy is discovered by the Warden and given her name: Winnie. Then the Junkyard animals learn some unfortunate news - the Warden is going to take her to the Humane Society where she can find a new home!

Part Three: A Pleasant Surprise
In this chapter, Spiro - who previously wanted nothing to do with Winnie - comes to the rescue and creates a plan that will bring Winnie back to the Junkyard.