How to Be Super Mission Three: The Traveler

How to Be Super Mission Three: The Traveler

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Young superheroes Dante, Selena, Lance, Manny and Kate have pledged to refrain from using their superpowers until they are legal adults, but perilous situations arise that call for their immediate action. When faced with the challenge to contain rogue forces, save innocent bystanders, and learn more about the mysterious Traveler, the five friends embark on a series of missions together — all under the radar of their parents and teachers.

Ages 9+

About the Stories

The Traveler: Part One

When a boy grows up excelling at every endeavor, life seems pretty terrific — until a mysteriously perceptive school counselor unearths his darkest fear.

The Traveler: Part Two

The Traveler’s rigorous training with the Violet Crown is cut short when tragedy strikes his community. Does this loss mean a deepening of ties, or is it the evidence of betrayal?

The Traveler: Part Three

With the help of a fellow skateboarder, Lance explores his deepest feelings around his friendships and is ultimately presented with a defining choice for his future.