Dry Gables: Hands Together

Dry Gables: Hands Together

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"Dry Gables: Hands Together" builds on the first Dry Gables Series – with more of the Gold Rush era characters you have grown to love! This series has plenty of American history and United States geography – plus they are tailored to be used by parents and educators as a way of better understanding their children. 

 "Dry Gables" is a unique series of stories centered around the people who live and work in a gold-rush era small town in South Dakota. Each of the characters has their own reason for coming to Dry Gables and each offers an essential ingredient to the town's well being. Every character embodies a way of being in the world - with unique behaviors, motivations and fears. 

Is your child having a defiant, stubborn and overall challenging morning? Well, perhaps she is feeling like Johann, the blacksmith, and needs to feel independent and powerful. Is your child quietly sitting in the corner during school playtime? Perhaps he is feeling like Seamus O'Conner, the schoolteacher, who needs to be seen for his unique strengths and talents.

The series includes nine stories focused on one of the characters of Dry Gables. Every character embodies a way of being in the world - with unique behaviors, motivations, and fears. Our aim is to give parents and educators clues into what lies behind certain behavior, and then offer ideas on how to meet the behavior and 'see' the child in a new light.

Ages 8+


About the Stories

A Great Burden Is Lifted

When Wilhelm finds out his wife, Jane, is going to have a baby he is overwhelmed by uncertainty, but with some new planning and a little fun, his uncertainty turns to excitement.


As I Truly Am

Liesl Hertz is very upset by the arrival of a "snake-oil" salesman who has arrived in town. Her husband helps her to think through her feelings before overreacting.


Something Greater Than Myself

EB Hertz has tried being many different things, but it isn't until his friend Franz suggests that he run for mayor that he fiends his true calling... caring for his community.


Get Your Ducks in a Row

Seamus the school teacher was just as excited for the first day of school as the children. Until things started to go wrong and he wondered "am I the right man for the job?"


On Your Feet

Max Denken has a mission to uncover the truth about gold tycoon, George Hearst, but he needs some help from his friend, Johann to get the job done.


What Nothing Can Bring

Lena Denken makes sure everyone in Dry Gables has a very special and celebrated birthday, but can she let go of worries and "to do's" and enjoy her own?


When Wide is Not Enough

Jane wants to convince everyone in town that they need an automobile, but first she has to learn all about them, and in the process, she learns about herself.


Whatever Power I Have

When Johann loses a friend in battle he is understandably angry and ready for revenge, but Liesl, the town's nurse, helps him redirect his energy to help others.


All In

Marta the town baker is loved by everyone, but her tendency to put things off and be indecisive can be frustrating. Will these traits prevent her from getting EB's birthday cake done in time?