By Thistle By Thimble: Spring Season

By Thistle By Thimble: Spring Season

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Find magic in nooks and crooks, in baskets and burrows, and on seemingly ordinary back roads and side streets. Listen to the quiet whisperings of the heart. Attend to what nature teaches. Discover the secrets sung on the wind. This weekly series of original adventure tales will open your eyes to new places and characters from around the world and times gone by.

Age 6+


This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring. 

What's So

Thomas is a squire who hopes to become a brave and famous knight. The only problem is that the knight he serves seems only to care for the poor and needy. He has no adventures, no glory and no riches serving this humble man. But when he is finally knighted and learns what is truly “so” in the world, his picture of his former master changes to one of deep respect. 

The Thief

Three figures are walking along the road. The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze — a perfect day for a walk. But these three are hardly carefree and joyful. A determined tavern keeper, an angry blacksmith, and a confused farmhand are all looking for the one thing that binds them together. They are looking for the thief.

The Secret of the Redwings

A small town once boasted a pristine and vibrant downtown, as well as acres of manicured and magical parks. Over the years, however, the downtown has lost its luster, and the parks have become overgrown and unmaintained. There are some secrets, however, that still live in the park. When a little girl named Marianne begins to discover the wonders within, the park begins to transform.

The Barber King

Every town has its center — and it is not always a town hall or square, but a person. At the center of the western town Elkhorn is its barber — an aging man that the locals call Old Fisher. Old Fisher is always ready to offer up one of his barbershop chairs along with some friendly wisdom, but the folks of Elkhorn give him little more than the occasional bit of business. It takes a newcomer from the City to help the old man — and in helping the old man, he helps the entire town.

The Royal Burden

An adventurous King and Queen set sail to explore a new land across the sea, leaving a small crew of servants behind. When they don’t return as planned, the servants fear the worst and are forced to make some decisions as to what to do. Most of them leave the castle and find new positions in neighboring kingdoms, but two remain — the Fool and the Cook. They have the inspired idea to pretend to be the King and Queen of that land and live the life of their dreams. What follows surprises them both.

Lady Jovial

An old woman known only as “the pigeon lady” spends nearly every day tending the downtown green of a fine old town on the river. No one knows her real name or where she came from; they only know they always feel better after talking with her and seeing her smiling face. Then one day, she does not come to the green and people wonder what has become of her. A young girl named Olive accidentally finds out who the pigeon lady truly is, and this discovery changes her life.

Grit and the Glover

When Finnian Carmichael goes with his uncle to visit the big city of London, he discovers what he wants to do with his life: he wishes to become a glover, or a maker of gloves. The challenge, he realizes upon his return to Ireland, is that there are no glovers in his town to teach him how. This would be the end of the dream for most people, but not for Finnian. Uncle Michael knows that his nephew will find a way — because he sees the young man has grit. "Grit," he says, "will always get you through."

The Woman Who Moved a Mountain

Jeanine Norton, mother, grandmother and crossing guard for the intersection of Main and School Street, has a secret she has kept for 50 years: she is moving a mountain. “Why?” you may ask. The answer is simple and yet, not so simple. She is moving a mountain so that she can have a view of something very important to her, something that is emblematic of the love she has for her home town, as well as a reminder of the day she first met her husband.

The Navigator

A village builds a ship according to the instructions from their leader, The Captain. The Captain has left them to voyage to uncharted territory, and, once the ship is completed, they are to follow. However, the people decide they do not wish to leave their homes and risk their comfortable lives. Only Sophia, the weaver’s daughter, is bold enough to remind them all of their promise to The Captain. The people choose to ignore her words; however, they find that fate has a bigger plan for Sophia — one that they cannot ignore.

A Bird in the Airport

David has spent the last week with his grandparents and he is nervous about flying home. He is not nervous about flying — he likes flying — but he is nervous about being home again. You see, his father has moved to a different house and David isn’t sure what it will be like. As he sits in the airport, he sees something surprising. It is a bird sitting on a television monitor. He marvels at the sight and is about to show his grandfather when he hears a message — seemingly just for him. (This is a good story to help prepare for a separation.)

Good Morning Magic

Stephan is a very busy man, but he and his daughter Pippy have two special times they always spend together. They are together every morning when Pippy wakes, and every evening when Pippy goes to bed. These times are special for not only them but for the fairies that regularly gather in the city apartment where they live. This is a good story to help with separation anxiety.

The Blanket

This story was inspired by something my young friend Eden said: “There once was a blanket with smudges all about the town”. The story follows Leah and her blanket, that indeed has smudges from all about the town. The blanket is dear to her because it reminds her of all that she loves about her town. Her parents, however, believe the blanket needs to be washed. It is not until an unexpected turn of events, that Leah finally exchanges her blanket for something else even more wonderful, and smudgy.

Times Gone By

Michael teaches history and has a particular love for the Old American West. His daughter Linny is in third grade and is not happy at school. A colleague of Michael’s suggests they take a vacation to a place in the mountains that is set up like the olden days of the Colorado Gold Rush. At first, they are surprised that their accommodations have no modern conveniences at all — but it doesn’t take long for them to find the magic that lives in the simple peace and quiet of ‘times gone by’.