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Hard to fall asleep? Feeling like electric charges are moving through you? On alert all the time, ready for something bad to happen? Wishing you could just “turn off” for a while? Well, these stories will invite the slowness, stillness, and peace you seek. Listen and let your shoulders drop, your eyes close, and your breath deepen.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Fluffs the Worried Squirrel" from our Stories for Overwhelm collection

 In this story, Fluffs and his brother are surprised when their father announces that humans are preparing to build homes in their forest. He says that it will be a transition for them, but that living with people has many benefits. The rest of the family is excited but Fluffs is quite nervous. He doesn't like the noise and activity that comes with humans — that is, until his father comes up with an idea...

"Newberry" from our Stories for Overwhelm collection

This story features a little mouse named Newberry who is celebrating his second birthday. Although Newberry's friends and family are excited about the spectacular birthday event they have planned, the little mouse prefers things that are small, quiet and slow. Luckily, one of the Junkyard friends notices this and creates something special that matches Newberry's speed.

"How to Fall" from our Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! collection

Sylvia wants to learn how to skate but is afraid of falling down. When Daddy insists that learning how to fall is the first step in learning how to skate, Sylvia is resistant and doubtful. But after her first, second and third fall, she starts to get better at skating and her doubts change into confidence.

"The Apricot Tree and the Robin" from our So Many Fairies collection

Oobst is a fruit fairy who watches over an orchard. In this orchard, under the care of Oobst, is a very young and nervous apricot tree. The tree is so nervous that Oobst knows she must do something to help. She enlists the help of a young Robin couple, and finds a magical way to offer the apricot tree a source of peace and strength.

"The Sit Spot" from our Martin & Sylvia collection

After a day at Wilderness School, Martin tells his sister and Daddy about finding a "sit spot" or personal spot in the woods. Sylvia is inspired to find one herself, as is Daddy — but Momma is feeling she needs to focus on getting the house ready for guests. But in the final moments before the guests arrive, she decides to find a "sit spot" and has the most magical moment of all.

"The Dark" from our Martin & Sylvia collection

It’s autumn: the days are getting shorter, and the dark comes earlier. Martin is feeling nervous. He can’t see as well at night, and he worries about shadows and things he can’t see. All of it makes it difficult for him to go to sleep at bedtime.

Momma encourages him to use his other senses, and guides him through a hearing, smelling and feeling exercise that not only reassures him, but relaxes him enough to fall deeply asleep