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Whether it is during the long, active days of summer or the shorter, busy days of winter, sometimes our little ones need some help to slow down. The stories in Sparkle Sleepytime are simple, soft and slow, all told with the aim of welcoming young and old into a time of rest or sleep.

Ages 3+ 


About the Stories

Autumn Season includes: "Lucy Goose," "Bartholomew Beaver," "Goldie the Hawk," "Bonbon the Elephant," "Little Hildy the Arctic Fox," "Kushka the Siberian Tiger," "Rocco the Gorilla," "Serena the Manatee," "Colum the Common Pigeon," "Yasoda the Water Buffalo," "Tip the Wilson's Snipe," "Celia the Bear," and "Starlight and Sampson the Seagull Twins"

Winter Season includes: "Hucho the Panda Cub," "Nira the Gray Wolf," "Maurice the St. Bernard," "Carmen Chameleon," "Davis the Gray Squirrel," "Sobek the Crocodile," "Minka the Tasmanian Devil," "Bunny Wonder the Rabbit Kit," "Eula the Penguin Chick," "Minnie the Dolphin," "Rocky the Donkey," "Yoskolo the Polar Bear," and "Cora the Crow"

Spring Season includes: "Lorillai the Lambkin," "Halldora the Humpback Whale," "Dustin the Sand Crab," "Rye the Meerkat," "Alex and Toph the Hummingbird Twins," "Gobi the Camel Calf," "Nova the Emu Chick," "Johnny Shark," "Terrance the Fox," "Piper the Frog," "Flemming the Otter," "Farrah the White-Tailed Deer," and "The Caterpillar and the Flower"  

Summer Season includes: "Kiddo the Koala," "Malcolm the Chipmunk," "Mariah the Angus Calf," "Chip the Border Collie Pup," "Happy the Honey Bee," "Simon the Mouse," "Greycat the Kitten," "Goldwater the Turtle," "Sunny the Raccoon Kit," "Safi the Giraffe Calf," "Rama the Rhino Calf," "Winger the Wombat," and "Maggie the Patient Cicada" 

Sample Pack includes: "Aiden the Harbor Seal," "Lavinda the Cheetah," and "JT the Bat" 

For more details on the stories, check out their full descriptions here.