The Dory Horde: Dawn of the Jaguar (Book Two)

The Dory Horde: Dawn of the Jaguar (Book Two)

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When the Dory family moves to an island in Peru, life seems almost perfect — that is, until Tahoe reveals the messages she has been receiving from someone called “The Jaguar.” As the family delves into the mystery, they discover new information about what happened to their grandmother long ago on a mountainside. What had her quest been, exactly? And why had she failed? Together the family battles unexpected obstacles as they seek to fulfill her dream. 

Ages 9+


About the Stories

"Episode One: Island Paradise"

The Dory family has hunkered down with their grandfather on an island in Peru and life seems pretty idyllic — that is, until Tahoe reveals that she has been receiving mysterious mental messages from an unknown sender. When she finally shares the content of these messages, a shock travels through the adults in the household.

"Episode Two: Tikapura and Tunki" 

The family delves into their shared history, particularly learning more of the story of their grandmother and her untimely death. But as the tale unfolds, unanswered questions become clear — and the family must decide on their next steps.

"Episode Three: Temple of the Jaguar"

More revelations come as the Dory family uncovers the mystery behind their grandfather’s past actions and their grandmother’s disappearance. After much debate, the children garner their mother’s permission to explore the local village and temple, where they encounter someone who had been watching for them.

"Episode Four: Map of the Sun"

As Renzo and the Dory kids get to know each other, they discover some remarkable connections between their grandmothers. This leads them to the idea of visiting another woman of their grandmothers’ acquaintance and unearthing more information. But can they convince Aurora to let them go?

"Episode Five: Key in the Labyrinth"

The Dory kids and Renzo arrive at Chinkana, an ancient labyrinth on Isla del Sol, and find the elderly shaman known as Victoria. She receives the family with surprising warmth and offers some mysterious clues about their grandmother’s final adventure — then sets them off on a quest of their own.

"Episode Six: The Nazca Lines"

Departing from Chinkana, the Dory kids and Renzo reunite with Aiko, only to learn that they are not to return to Otorongo, but instead to travel to meet their Great Uncle Effie. They willingly change their plans, but everyone wonders — what has happened to precipitate this new development?

"Episode Seven: A Gift for Tag"

As the train propels the Horde toward their destination, each Dory child senses movement in their inner journeys as well. They arrive at the city of Cusco with sharpened attunement and a sense of expectation, setting the stage for Tag’s curious encounter with a street vendor.

"Episode Eight: Finding the Condor" 

A white van pulls up to meet the Dory Horde, introducing them to their long-lost cousin Bennu. As they travel through the winding mountain roads toward Uncle Elfie’s house, they fill Bennu in on some of their adventures — and Sessi identifies a very significant feature of the landscape.

"Episode Mome: Green Condor Eye"

At their great uncle Elfie’s residence, the Dory Horde reconnects with their mother and becomes acquainted with their long-lost relative. Elfie’s home and art speak volumes about his life’s work, his deep connection to ancient Incan culture, and his continued questions about the disappearance of their grandmother — his sister.

"Episode Ten: Connecting the Lines"

As the family relaxes in Uncle Elfie’s luxurious home, they take some time to sift through the events of the past few days. Colum works carefully to piece together some of the stories and questions around the grandmother’s unexpected death. But it’s not until Tahoe reveals some crucial information that Colum resolves to take the next step in solving this mystery.

"Episode Eleven: Surprises on the Inca Trail"

Having decided to travel to Wiñay Wayna near Machu Picchu, the Dory kids and their friends prepare for a long day’s hike with plenty of supplies and a useful history lesson. The journey is strenuous but exciting as they encounter both a new friend along the path … and a familiar enemy lying in wait.

"Episode Twelve: Forever Young"

With quick thinking and unusual strength, Tag rescues Coach from the clutches of a formidable foe. But how can he be revived? Tahoe senses specific directions coming from the mysterious voice she has been hearing, instructions that lead them to solve a decades-old mystery.

"Episode Thirteen: Grandma"

To their astonishment, the Dory Horde beholds their grandmother — a woman presumed dead for decades. Where has she come from, and how? But there is no time to ask questions as they dash away, pursued by a powerful enemy and desperate to save their youngest brother.

"Episode Fourteen: The Werejaguar"

Rescued by a man with a raft, the family and their friends paddle furiously down the river to evade capture. Safely away, they disembark and travel by bus, finding a moment to catch their breath and ask their questions before they surprise the rest of the family with their newly discovered relative.

"Episode Fifteen: The Power of Family"

Long-lost Maria Dory greets her brother, husband, and daughter in an emotional reunion for the whole family. After tending to Coach’s injuries, the clan shares stories late into the night, then settles into a rhythm of training to strengthen the children’s unique gifts as they prepare for an inevitable confrontation.

"Episode Sixteen: The Sacred Valley"

Renzo senses a call back to his own family and packs his bags for departure. As the Dory Horde drops him off at the station, they enter into a covert mission to seek Alister and overpower him — without the knowledge of their grandmother.

"Episode Seventeen: The Trick"

Their confrontation with Alister escalates as they begin to understand the number of people he has recruited to support him. In the midst of their conflict, each member of the Dory Horde uses their skills to find a way out of this tense situation — but it is young Sessi who surprises them all.

"Episode Eighteen: The Full Story"

Park rangers determine that Alister’s severe injuries require a trip to the hospital, and the Dory Horde accompanies him. As he is treated, the family hears snippets from Alister’s history that shed light on the ways his power and personality have been shaped by forces beyond his control.

"Episode Nineteen: Time for This to End"

The Horde returns to Uncle Elfie’s home, bringing Alister along to convalesce. Maria and Solomon revisit their history and piece together more details that illuminate Alister’s struggles. But it’s not until Alister speaks out that the family begins to understand the next adventure that has landed before them.