Sparkle Sleepytime: Winter Season

Sparkle Sleepytime: Winter Season

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Whether it is during the long, active days of summer or the shorter, busy days of winter, sometimes our little ones need some help to slow down. The stories in Sparkle Sleepytime are simple, soft and slow, all told with the aim of welcoming young and old into a time of rest or sleep.

Each features a delightful young animal on a gentle adventure, and each ends with the animals snuggling into their burrows, nests or downy beds, ready to close their eyes and fall asleep.

This Series is perfect for nap-times, quiet times and bedtimes – or any time you want a particularly quiet and soothing story for your little ones!

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 winter stories, for the 13 weeks of winter.

Hucho the Panda Cub

Hucho the panda cub is big for his age and sometimes other pandas think he is fully grown. When a young male panda challenges him to a contest, Hucho isn't sure what to do and he tries to hide in a bamboo grove. His mother eventually sets things right and Hucho is able to do what he loves best: munch on bamboo with his fuzzy big head resting in his mother's lap.

Nira the Gray Wolf

When little Nira, the gray wolf pup, hurts her foot while playing — she begins to worry. What if the wolf pack needs to leave her behind? But then her mother and father find out and explain to her the nature of a wolf pack: they stay together, no matter what. 

Maurice the St Bernard

Maurice is a young St. Bernard pup that lives with his family at the base of a mountain. His sisters are both strong and hard working St. Bernards, but what makes Maurice unique is his very particular sense of his own body. And when a hiker gets stuck on the mountain, this sense of self is precisely what brings Maurice to the rescue.

Carmen Chameleon

Carmen is like most other chameleons with one notable exception: Carmen thinks that she is a lion. When she decides to prove it to her friends, a series of coincidences do manage to impress and delight them.

Davis the Gray Squirrel

Davis and his little brother Micky like to watch their parents hop about the forest and dig holes in the now. When Davis decides to leave the nest and find out what is hiding in those holes, he is delighted to find some hickory nuts!  As it's winter, the family shares the hidden bounty.

Sobek the Crocodile

Sobek is named after his great grandfather who was a very brave and strong leader of the crocodiles. When his father starts tutoring him at a very young age, however, Sobek starts to become very nervous about - almost everything. This continues all night until Sobek's father realizes just what the Hatchling needs ... to be little just a while longer.

Minka the Tasmanian Devil

Minka is a Tasmanian Devil pup with a very sensitive body. Lights are too bright.  Sounds are too loud. Touches are too rough and though her brothers and sister have all left their mother's pouch, Minka prefers to stay there. That is, until she gets too big and has to leave. Luckily, however, Minka's mother also has a sensitive body and knows the challenges — and benefits — that it can bring. 

Bunny Wonder the Rabbit Kit

Bunny Wonder is indeed a wonder. He loves to run fast and leap and hop and spin and tumble. When the first snow comes, he is doubly excited. But a bobcat is spotted in the area, and Bunny Wonder has to play underground for a while. When he can't stand to be cooped up a minute longer, he comes up with a most unusual — and wondrous — plan.

Eula the Peguin Chick

Eula is a happy penguin chick. She doesn't mind the bitter cold of Antarctica because she has her father and all the other fathers looking after her and keeping her warm. But when she learns that her mother will be returning soon and taking her father's place, Eula is filled with conflicting feelings.

Minnie the Dolphin

Minnie loves the golden rules of dolphins: everyone belongs, always look out for each other, and always be kind and considerate. But when she accuses other dolphins of not following the rules, she realizes that it is actually she who is not following them.

Rocky the Donkey

Rockmaplewestwindandcharming has a very long and complicated name.  Though his parents are proud of his name, he is embarrassed by it. And then, one day in donkey training, he meets three donkeys that are at once interested and impressed by his name and their friendship begins.

Yoskolo the Polar Bear

Yoskolo admires his older brother so much, he wants to be just like him. When he sees his brother quickly and adeptly climb an iceberg, and receive praise for his skills, Yoskolo jumps into the water to try it himself. He is too young for the challenge, however, and quickly realizes that the iceberg is too far and the currents too fast. So he turns and swims back to his anxious family.  His mother and brother, however, are impressed with his swimming. As he goes to bed that night in his ice cave, he begins to understand that he doesn't have to be like his brother or have his brothers same skills; he can simply be himself.

Cora the Crow

Cora is a confident, funny, and loving young crow.  But sometimes her jokes are not appreciated by neighborhood birds. When her father tells her the difference between a joke and teasing, Cora spends the next day making amends — and the results feel good.