Martin & Sylvia: Winter Season

Martin & Sylvia: Winter Season

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Martin and Sylvia live in tall house with lots of windows. In their backyard is all a five and a seven year old could ever want: a brook, a tree swing, a playhouse and a garden full of magical friends. Join this enterprising brother and sister for a year of delight and wonder. Whether it's the heat of summer, or the deep snows of winter, every day is an adventure!

Age 3+


This is a collection of 13 winter stories, for the 13 weeks of winter.

First Day

The downtown’s First Day celebration is here! And everyone is excited. Martin and Sylvia love the snow and ice sculptures, the music and the booths of hot chocolate and muffins. But this year, they can’t agree about what sort of snow sculpture they want to make. Their team of family and friends is counting on their help! The group finally decides on Martin’s idea, leaving Sylvia feeling on the outs. Who can help Syvia create the snow sculpture of her imagination?

Helping Out

This week Martin and Sylvia wake to a snow storm and the promise of sledding on the neighbor’s horse pasture hill. When the hill turns out to be occupied, and they return to see Momma has taken a sick day from her work, the children recognize the value and delight of letting go of plans and helping out at home.

Fairy Snow Fort

This week Sylvia wakes with a plan to build a “Fairy Snow Fort”, a structure that looks a lot like an igloo with one very important distinction. The whole family helps build the fort together, working steadily all day, and culminates with a star-lit dinner within. This is a story of collaboration and the joys of a full family project.


Martin finds out one morning that his good friend, Peter, is going to move away to a new house in a new town far away. The night before Peter leaves, the whole family has a sleepover at Martin and Sylvia’s house — and though they have lots of fun sledding and playing games, Martin finds it difficult to say goodbye.

Telling the Truth

Sylvia accidentally breaks one of Martin’s inventions, and blames the damage on their cat Pickles. “Pickles did it!” But oh how Sylvia feels miserable — all day! Momma knows just what to do: she whispers a little something in Sylvia’s ear, and Sylvia knows what’s needed next.

Putting on a Play

Martin and Sylvia wake to a very cold morning - ten below! Momma’s car won’t start, and she is unable to get to the office. What will she do? It just so happens there is to be a play in the living room. It’s a play about the conquest of the south pole — starring Martin and Sylvia, and featuring Daddy as the sled dog!

A Trip to Grandma’s

Martin and Sylvia are going on a road trip to Grandma’s! But they’ve never been in the car together for that long before. What will they do, stuck in the car for all that time? Martin and Sylvia are nervous, but Daddy has delightful ideas around every turn.

Going on a Date

One morning Martin has an idea: he can be Daddy’s assistant for the day, and Sylvia will be Momma’s assistant. But it’s not all work for Martin and Sylvia! The parent-child pairs go on “dates” to their favorite places in town, ending the day in a fun surprise.

Fairy Detectives

Martin finds a mysterious piece of fabric on the couch. What could it be? A fairy hat? Could there be fairy magic afoot in the house? Martin and Sylvia form a “fairy detective agency” to find out.

St. Patrick’s Day

Martin and Sylvia are ready for spring, but when they look out their window, all they see is snow. But that afternoon Momma comes home early with a St. Patrick’s day surprise!

Festival of Lights

Martin and Sylvia’s town center holds many festive events throughout the year. During December, there are several town traditions, including a “Festival of Lights,” where the shopkeepers decorate their storefronts in lights. When Martin learns that Hanukkah is also called the Festival of Lights, he begins to discover the similarities between all the festivals and holidays that take place during this time of year. And he and Sylvia are inspired to create a festival of their very own.

Throwing a Party

Martin and Sylvia want to throw a party for their parents and their friends, the Webers. They work it out with Daddy that they can earn the money to pay for decorations and food by doing extra cleaning around the house. They work all day and then shop for what they need. On the day of the party, they feel a little nervous what will it be like? Will everyone enjoy themselves? And then the doorbell rings.

A Plane Trip

Christmas is over, there’s snow on the ground, and its COLD. What’s a family to do? Daddy suggests they all go … to the beach? “Daddy, are you being silly?” asks Sylvia. It turns out that Daddy isn’t being silly at all: he has made plans for them all to travel to Florida to visit Granny! And this year, Daddy tells them excitedly, they are taking an airplane. Martin can’t wait, but Sylvia hesitates. Long hours of sitting still don’t sound like fun for her. But when it is time, she is surprised at what sort of magic is possible in a ticket line, an airport terminal and indeed, on a plane ride.