Libby & Dish's So Many Loves

Libby & Dish's So Many Loves

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Libby and her mother have never celebrated Valentine's Day — that is, until they hear from Chad, their canine buddy in the neighboring apartment. Turns out, it’s his favorite holiday! “Why is that?” they wonder. Their discovery turns into a building-wide adventure.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"What is Valentine's?"

Libby and her mother have never been in the habit of celebrating Valentine’s Day, but when Libby’s almost-uncle Theo asks their advice about a special Valentine’s Day surprise for Aunt Cecily, Libby’s curiosity is piqued. Why the paper hearts? Why the chocolate? And what is a “valentines,” anyway? As Libby begins to ask around, she learns a lot from all of her friends — including her best friend, Dish.

"Dog Stories"

While Libby and her mother spend the morning at Lawrence’s house learning how to make a special breakfast treat, Libby gets the chance to ask Chad about Valentine’s Day. As it turns out, Chad is an expert on the topic, and Libby learns a great deal from him through his unique storytelling method.

"Love Maps"

Inspired by Chad’s dog story, Libby sits down with a fresh sheet of paper and box of crayons to sketch out some of her own thoughts about love. After sharing her work with Dish and her mother, the project grows into something even more magical than any of them could have envisioned.