Libby & Dish: Dish's Inside-Outside Adventure

Libby & Dish: Dish's Inside-Outside Adventure

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When Libby leaves Dish at home for the day, Dish begins to reminisce about the outdoor explorations of his youthful years as a city cat. With help from Chad the neighbor dog, Dish embarks on an “outside” adventure that satisfies his craving for excitement and bonds him with a crew of new animal friends.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Part One: Looking Out the Window"

Dish enjoys his cozy life in the apartment — his regular meals, his warm spots in the sunshine, his snuggles with Libby. But when Libby and her mom head out on an adventure, Dish begins reminiscing about his days as a young outdoor cat … and begins to make plans to explore the world outside the apartment once more.

"Part Two: The Great Escape"

Determined to set out on an adventure, Dish spends all day contriving a plan to sneak out of the apartment. But once he’s in the hallway, what is he to do? Luckily, a good friend comes to his rescue with sound advice.

"Part Three: The Land Inside"

As the elevator door opens, Dish finds himself not in the lobby as expected, but in another room entirely — and in the presence of several other animals. What is this strange place? Dish soon learns about this unusual pet community and the curious friendships between them.

"Part Four: The Wild Inside"

With his new friends guiding him, Dish takes a trip through the ductwork tunnel and experiences the many oddities of that secret place. A tender encounter with his kitten friend Bear reminds Dish of how much he enjoys his life with Libby and how good it will feel to get back to his cozy apartment home.