How to Be Super: Light of Olympus (Book Two)

How to Be Super: Light of Olympus (Book Two)

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Light of Olympus is a collection of thrilling stories that continue Dante Lee’s adventure with the Violet Crown — and introduces you to the full circle of modern day Olympians. Dante is charged with the task of uniting the gods for a single purpose: to prepare for battle with The Old Ones.

This book includes 20 stories — consisting of over 11 hours of listening adventure!

Ages 9+


About the Stories

"Part 1: The Olympians"

In which Dante enters the Tower Board Room to discover that the Olympians are not who or what he thought they would be. They are all ages, they come from very different places, and to Dante’s surprise, he actually likes a few of them. His awe is quickly replaced by dread as he hears Poseidon talk about what they expect from him.

"Part 2: Iris"

In which Dante accompanies his grandfather to a small ranch house outside of the unique West Texas town of Marfa. He harbors hopes of avoiding the Olympians and the Violet Crown, but his new friend Iris shows him that there is no escaping his destiny.

"Part 3: The Map of Everything"

In which Dante is led to the basement of a very old adobe building in downtown Marfa where his friend Iris shows him a map of — literally — everything. He is able to track the powers of not only Zeus, but all the gods, goddesses, and monsters across several epochs — ancient India, China, Babylonia, and Egypt — and Dante sees how everything seems to be pointing to him and his friends.

"Part 4: Aphrodite"

In which Aphrodite begins Dante’s training. He teaches him the deeper meaning of Step Four (“Tell No One”) and shows him that it is all about truth — discovering the truth, feeling the truth, and then telling the truth. But just as Dante is catching on, his studies are interrupted by someone unexpected.

"Part 5: Ares"

In which Dante learns how to build a shield from the Olympian security chief, Ares. In the course of his study, Dante learns that the god of war is much more complicated than he first assumed — complicated and, to his surprise, kind.

"Part 6: Artemis"

In which Dante learns something very surprising about his Grandmother, whom he had never met. He also continues his training with Artemis and focuses on Step One — “keep your eyes open” — only it isn’t his eyes he works with... but his nose.

"Part 7: Giant"

In which Dante encounters Pan and learns the deeper meaning of the famous movie Giant. He watches the film with his new friend Iris and she introduces him to her great-grandfather, Udi — the current incarnation of Uranos.

"Part 8: Hermes"

In which Dante learns all about the stars and how their constellations tell the story of where power comes from, how power had historically been used, and what the mission of the gods really is. And he learns all this in a most peculiar place — from the man he least wanted to see.

"Part 9: Poseidon"

In which Iris explains the nature of the Marfa lights and how she needs Dante to fulfill his destiny to unite the Gods against the Old Ones. Later that day, this is reinforced by a surprise meeting with Poseidon who has some very concerning news for him.

"Part 10: Hera"

In which Dante begins his Austin training with Hera, the one truly in charge of Caduceus, the successful business his father Hermes started — and he learns more about what really happened when the Olympians broke off from the Violet Crown.

"Part 11: Hephaestus"

In which Dante meets the one-man factory, Hephaestus. Together they create a plan that will effectively unite the Violet Crown and the Olympians — and it all starts with finding Hades.

"Part 12: Persephone"

In which Dante reluctantly teams up with Kate, the incarnation of Persephone, to trick Hades into joining them. On their way to Hades’s house, the two of them realize they have a lot more in common than they first imagined.

"Part 13: Hades"

In which Dante and Kate are surprised to find that Hades is expecting them and knows exactly what they want. But it is not Dante who is able to ultimately persuade him into joining them — it is Kate.  

"Part 14: The Dragon"

In which Selena, Lance, and Dante are finally reunited. Dante learns some troubling facts about his friends: Selena is moving and Lance needs the help of a magical physical therapist to help him learn to walk again.

"Part 15: Beatrice"

In which Dante’s loneliness and desire to talk to someone becomes so intense that he finally tells his mother everything — but her response surprises him.

"Part 16: Zeus"

In which Dante, Charlie, and Beelee travel to Marfa to find Iris.Together they make a plan that will not only fulfill Dante’s mission but get him and his friends out of harm’s way.

"Part 17: Dionysus"

In which Dante attempts to recruit the rest of the Violet Crown, starting with Lizzie and El Arma and Miss Marshall. When he meets with Bruce, the incarnation of Dionysus, he is quite surprised by his answer — and what happens next.

"Part 18: The Plan"

In which the newly reunited Olympians assemble and form a plan of attack on the Titans who are apparently preparing for war. Dante realizes that the plan centers around one individual needing to be himself: Dante’s own journey of fully becoming himself as Zeus.

"Part 19: The Titans"

In which Dante and the Olympians travel to Golead, Texas — where so many battles had been fought before — to face the Titans. Dante goes to the meeting place with Iris at his side — but who they finally face takes them both by surprise.  

"Part 20: Selena"

During a beautiful violet crown sunset in South Austin, Pedro and Bernadette are unexpectedly blessed with a newborn baby. They are both thrilled, to be sure, but the father is concerned that the child will inherit the family power – which he sees as a curse. "She will be powerful," says the mother with confidence and pride, "More powerful than we think."