How to Be Super: The Dragon Within (Book Four)

How to Be Super: The Dragon Within (Book Four)

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This final collection of How to Be Super stories answers many questions — but it also asks a few more. What does it mean to be “super”? What is a hero and what is a villain? And is it possible for the worst villain … to become the greatest hero?

This book consists of 22 stories for more than 10 hours of listening adventure!

Age 9+


About the Stories

"Part One: How We Fell"

In which we learn about the very first American incarnation of the god Hermes and how he was able to change history using his superpowers of cunning, deceit, and manipulation — plus an alliance with the monsters.

"Part Two: The Flood"

In which we are introduced to young Virgil Tramposo and his experience of discovering who he was and what he could do. As he is mentored by Zeus herself and learns more about the challenges ahead, he lets his ambition get the better of him — and the consequences are far worse than he could have imagined.

"Part Three: Amends"

In which Virgil Tramposo deals with the fallout from his poor choices and confides in a fellow Violet Crown initiate. He also meets his new mentor George Lee, oracle to Zeus and future grandfather to Dante Lee.

"Part Four: Untethered"

In which Virgil’s mentoring and training regimen is suddenly interrupted by an unfortunate discovery: that the girl from his university class is, in fact, the daughter of his teacher — the one person he truly trusts.

"Part Five: The Messenger"

In which Virgil flees to West Texas where he has an encounter with his old friend, Linda. He sees that she has changed and that she knows a lot about something she calls “Lights of Olympus” — incredible lights that come out from the ground and burst into the sky.

"Part Six: The Return"

In which Virgil spends a year in West Texas developing a new business built on acquiring and storing top secret information. He then returns to Austin in a position of power — and he offers to work with The Violet Crown, under certain conditions…

"Part Seven: The Team"

In which Virgil fully embraces his destiny as Hermes and begins to assemble the new team of Olympians. Central to his plan, however, is including a group that he believes may be even more powerful than the Gods.

"Part Eight: The News"

In which Virgil learns that the current incarnation of Zeus — the person he has been seeking the most urgently — turns out to be his own son. This presents a potential wrench in his plan ... until he realizes that it could be the perfect solution.

"Part Nine: Meeting at the Park"

In which Hermes realizes that his old rival, Dionysus, is beginning to exert his power over Dante. Hermes decides to meet with both Dante and Dionysus face to face and is disappointed with the result.

"Part Ten: Weakness"

In which Hermes finds the limits of his power. After welcoming Persephone into the fold, he decides to contact Dante’s mother, Beelee. He immediately sees the mistake in this and frantically tries to manage the consequences.

"Part Eleven: A Particular Power"

In which Virgil learns that he has more power than he first thought — and a particular power that will become incredibly useful in the days ahead!

"Part Twelve: The Turn"

In which Dante finally comes to the Downtown Tower — but not in a way that Hermes expects. They meet in his office and Hermes officially invites him to join the ways of the Olympians.

"Part Thirteen: Milkshake"

In which we learn the backstory of the elusive and very powerful monster whom everyone calls Milkshake. His personal history makes sense of his destructive actions, revealing his deepest motivations and offering insight about who he would truly like to be.

"Part Fourteen: The Reckoning"

Hermes finally faces the man he believes to be his enemy: Dionysus. He is surprised, however, to see that Dionysus won’t put up a fight — in fact, he willingly submits to Hermes’s plan. When he receives a mysterious text, however, he wonders if he just made a terrible mistake.

"Part Fifteen: Pan"

In which we learn the story of Linda Dang, the twelve-year-old girl who learned she was the current incarnation of the god-titan-monster, Pan. We hear about her relationship with Virgil, with Dionysus, and then her full acceptance of her powers and destiny to serve.

"Part Sixteen: The Ultimate Weapon"

In which Hermes figures out the way he could bend the will of not only the Monsters, but the Gods and the Titans alike. At that moment, he realizes he has the ability to create a weapon so powerful it could change the course of history.

"Part Seventeen: Arges the Cyclops"

In which we learn Manny’s story — from the experience where he learned that he was Arges all the way to the moment he becomes Hermes’s most important worker: the one who will make the ultimate weapon.

"Part Eighteen: Best Laid Plans"

In which everything begins to fall apart for Hermes. His time in Marfa did not play out as expected, his game with the Titans took a sudden turn for the worse, and now his son, Dante, is stepping up at taking control — but not in the way he had intended.

"Part Nineteen: Outcasts"

In which Hermes travels to San Antonio to make a deal with the Titans. Instead, he meets the outcast Titan, Iapetus, sometimes called “The Piercer.” Iapetus has a proposition for him: a chance to see the future and know how the war is going to play out. Hermes is at first excited to know, but then hesitates…

"Part Twenty: The Dragon Tamer"

In which Hermes travels to Goliad in advance of the coming Titanomachy — and prepares to bring all three groups — the Gods, the Titans, and the Monsters — together to witness a fundamental transformation: the transformation of Hermes into the most powerful leader of all!

"Part Twenty One: What Happened"

In which we learn how this extraordinary ending came to be and how the deployment of the Dragon Tamer changed everything — including the Dragon itself.